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Mickey Storm and the Cursed Mask Achievements

Full list of Mickey Storm and the Cursed Mask achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Mickey Storm and the Cursed Mask has 33 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

101 water slider! 101 water slider! 0 Complete the first level! 15
That was easy! That was easy! 0 Unlock the first level 15
Hello World! Hello World! 0 Open the first gate 15
Glider! Glider! 0 Learn glide move (on level complete) 15
Jumper! Jumper! 0 Learn double jump move (on level complete) 15
Attacker! Attacker! 0 Learn attack move (on level complete) 15
Way to go! Way to go! 0 Beat the Tropical Trove mini boss 30
Nice work! Nice work! 0 Beat the Futureland mini boss 30
Keep it up! Keep it up! 0 Beat the Volcanic Vistas mini boss 30
Attaboy! Attaboy! 0 Beat the Forgotten Jungle mini boss 30
Shiny! Shiny! 0 Completed Introduction stone 30
Summer heat! Summer heat! 0 Completed Tropical Trove stone 30
Hereafter! Hereafter! 0 Completed Futureland stone 30
Boiling inside! Boiling inside! 0 Completed Volcanic Vistas stone 30
Ruins! Ruins! 0 Completed Forgotten Jungle stone 30
Masquerade! Masquerade! 0 Completed Masks stone 30
Freed your parents! Freed your parents! 0 Beat the final boss 100
Golden! Golden! 0 Charge an amulet part to gold level 15
Low battery! Low battery! 0 All amulet pieces charged to Bronze level 15
50% charged! 50% charged! 0 All amulet pieces charged to Silver level 15
Fully charged! Fully charged! 0 All amulet pieces charged to gold level 15
Showroom! Showroom! 0 Unlock all rides 15
Traveler! Traveler! 0 Fly 5000m through the park 15
No animals were harmed! No animals were harmed! 0 Defeat 200 enemies 15
Portalist! Portalist! 0 Entered all bonus portals 30
Perfectionist! Perfectionist! 0 Beat all bosses without wipeouts 100
I got the key! I got the key! 0 Find all keycards 100
Energized! Energized! 0 Collect 100K energy 100

Secret Achievements

Cloakroom! Cloakroom! 0 Unlock all outfits for Mickey 15
Wardrobe! Wardrobe! 0 Unlock all outfits for Jenny 15
Challenger! Challenger! 0 Complete all 3 challenge types 15
Tag team! Tag team! 0 Finish a challenge with 2 players 15
The floor is lava! The floor is lava! 0 Complete a floor is lava level 15