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Dolmen Achievements

Full list of Dolmen achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Dolmen has 30 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Doctor In The House Doctor In The House 0 Heal by using energy 5
Not On My Watch Not On My Watch 0 Kill an enemy 5
Avatar Mode Avatar Mode 0 Activate the energy mode for the first time 10
Gatherer Second Class Gatherer Second Class 0 Find your first rare craft material 5
Gatherer Third Class Gatherer Third Class 0 Find your first epic craft material 10
Personal Space Personal Space 0 Access the spaceship for the first time 10
Countermeasures Countermeasures 0 Parry a melee attack 5
A Proper Answer A Proper Answer 0 Parry and reflect a ranged attack 5
Self Evolution Self Evolution 0 Level up for the first time 5
First Degree Contact First Degree Contact 0 Find a hidden Driller 5
Five To Remember Five To Remember 0 Find 5 hidden Drillers 10
All Drillers All Drillers 0 Find all hidden Drillers 20
There And Back Again There And Back Again 0 Respawn any Boss 5
Like a Boss Like a Boss 0 Craft any Boss special weapon 10
Let Me Shine Melee Let Me Shine Melee 0 Craft all kinds of melee weapons 25
Let Me Shine Ranged Let Me Shine Ranged 0 Craft all kinds of ranged weapons 25
Expert Forger Expert Forger 0 Craft all kinds of armors 25
Veteran Of The Xeno Wars Veteran Of The Xeno Wars 0 Kill a veteran enemy 5
Zimo Headed Zimo Headed 0 Kill a Zimodonte 10
Dementulaphobia Dementulaphobia 0 Kill the Dementula Boss 50
Candelarian Candelarian 0 Kill the Twin Ancients 50
Short Live The Queen Short Live The Queen 0 Kill the Queen Caniptei and finish the first Act 100
Ferronightmare Ferronightmare 0 Kill the Ferronightmare 50
Jumper Zallan Kheep Jumper Zallan Kheep 0 Kill Zallan Kheep and finish the second Act 150
General Vesib General Vesib 0 Defeat General Vesib 50
Tharvus Kheep Tharvus Kheep 0 Defeat the Boss Tharvus Kheep and finish the game 200

Secret Achievements

Vahani Archaeology Vahani Archaeology 0 Reach Vahani Excavations 25
The Secret Grove The Secret Grove 0 Reach the Secret Grove 25
Dementulaphobia Insane Dementulaphobia Insane 0 Kill the Corrupted Dementula 50
Hell Tie Hell Tie 0 Kill the Boss Lobodja 50