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Ooops! 2 Achievements

Full list of Ooops! 2 achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Ooops! 2 has 26 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Order up! Order up! 0 Serve your first order at the counter. 10
Welcome to the Ark Welcome to the Ark 0 Complete the level "The adventure continues". 10
Party time Party time 0 Complete the level "Wow, so much to eat". 15
Come and get it Come and get it 0 Complete the level "Fresh muffins". 20
The usual? Very good The usual? Very good 0 Complete the level "Relax and have a mocktail". 20
Way too hot Way too hot 0 Put out a fire in the kitchen. 20
The chopping king The chopping king 0 Prepare 100 ingredients on the chopping board. 30
Running low Running low 0 Serve 50 orders of fufu. 30
Cleaning up Cleaning up 0 Wash 30 dirty dishes at the sink. 30
Tending bar Tending bar 0 Mix and serve 20 cocktails. 30
Chop chop chop chop chop ... Chop chop chop chop chop ... 0 Prepare 500 ingredients at the chopping board. 30
Cheeky little thing Cheeky little thing 0 Rescue an ingredient from a Nestrian kid. 30
Quick counter Quick counter 0 Serve three different mocktails in a minute. 30
My friend the volcano My friend the volcano 0 Put out 100 fires. 50
The Ark is gone The Ark is gone 0 Complete Chapter I, "The Ark". 50
The Nestrian colony The Nestrian colony 0 Complete Chapter II, "The Colony". 50
A full ark A full ark 0 Complete Chapter III, "The Island". 50
À la carte À la carte 0 Serve up 10 correct orders in any level. 50
Three course meal Three course meal 0 Serve a "Tomato salad", a "Pizza" and a "Seafood muffin" in that order. 75
It's raining stars It's raining stars 0 Get the best possible star rating in at least half of the levels. 50
Satisfied guests Satisfied guests 0 Serve three orders and get the full bonus for doing so in any level. 75

Secret Achievements

Ooops! Not quite Ooops! Not quite 0 You served an incorrect order! 10
One for the bin One for the bin 0 You threw away a burnt meal! 10
One of everything One of everything 0 You have served every recipe in the game! 75
I did it again I did it again 0 You served up a seafood muffin and got the full bonus! 50
3 star kitchen 3 star kitchen 0 You got three stars in every level! 100