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UNSIGHTED Achievements

Full list of UNSIGHTED achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

UNSIGHTED has 42 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Charity Charity 0 Give Meteor Dust to someone 5
Your new friend! Your new friend! 0 Rescue a puppy 10
DIY DIY 0 Craft an item 5
Healthy Healthy 0 Obtain a second Permanent Syringe 10
Snooker Snooker 0 Defeat 5 enemies by throwing them down holes 5
Robot Apocalypse Robot Apocalypse 0 Complete the game on the Robot Apocalypse Difficulty, on New Game, or New Game Extra 50
Minimalist Minimalist 0 Complete the game with 3 chip slots, no weapon upgrade, and max. of 1 Permanent Syringe. 30
Speedrunner Speedrunner 0 Complete the game in under 1 hour 50
Cartographer Cartographer 0 Complete the map 100% 30
Parry Master Parry Master 0 Perfect guard 30 enemy attacks without getting hit 15
I care about you! I care about you! 0 Get 4 hearts of relationship with an NPC 10
I love you! I love you! 0 Get 4 hearts of relationship with a dog 10
Digger Digger 0 Dig up 20 buried items with the shovel 10
Treasure Hunter Treasure Hunter 0 Find all the Treasures from the Treasure Album 10
Perfect Catch! Perfect Catch! 0 Get 20 perfect catches with the magnetic rod 10
Dungeon Master Dungeon Master 0 Complete the Dungeon Raid with 0 deaths 25
Dungeon Runner Dungeon Runner 0 Complete the Dungeon Raid in less than 20 minutes 25
You're the Boss You're the Boss 0 Complete the Boss Rush with 0 deaths 25
Boss Runner Boss Runner 0 Complete the Boss Rush in less than 10 minutes 25
Parry Goddess Parry Goddess 0 Get 100 perfect parries in the parry challenge 30
Item Hoarder Item Hoarder 0 Collect every item chest. 50

Secret Achievements

Savior of the Automatons Savior of the Automatons 0 Complete the game 30
Loner Loner 0 Complete the game without rescuing Iris 20
Spider Squish Spider Squish 0 Beat the Arachnid Queen 25
Iconoclast Iconoclast 0 Beat the Forgotten Deity 25
Lights Out Lights Out 0 Beat the Ancient Guardian 25
Melt the Ice Melt the Ice 0 Beat the Frost Automaton 25
Decarcinization Decarcinization 0 Beat the Arthropod King 25
Birdemic Birdemic 0 Beat the Mechanical Eagle 25
Heated Battle Heated Battle 0 Beat the Blazing Automaton 25
Worthy Worthy 0 Beat Anima Nightmare and Anima Essence without getting hit 30
I don't need it! I don't need it! 0 Defeat a Shadow Creature with normal weapons 30
Reverse Boss Order Reverse Boss Order 0 Defeat the Factory boss first and the Garden boss last 25
Sequence Break Sequence Break 0 Find the Jump Boots during the Prologue 20
Sequence Shatter Sequence Shatter 0 Get a Meteor Shard during the Prologue 20
Water Skipper Water Skipper 0 Skip on the water with the Spinner 5 times in a row 15
Can you pet the dog? Can you pet the dog? 0 Pet a puppy 5 times 5
Beating the Unbeatable Beating the Unbeatable 0 Win the encounter against two Shadow Creatures during the Prologue 30
Life and Death Life and Death 0 Defeat M. 30
Hiding your sins Hiding your sins 0 Finish the Main Story without having a Corrupted Weapon in your inventory. 30
Battle Across Time Battle Across Time 0 Defeat the secret final boss. 50
Tomb Smasher Tomb Smasher 0 Defeat the Corrupted Tomb Guardian. 50