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ATOM RPG: Post-apocalyptic indie game Achievements

Full list of ATOM RPG: Post-apocalyptic indie game achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

ATOM RPG: Post-apocalyptic indie game has 36 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Grave Robber Grave Robber 0 Rob several graves. 10
Atom Agent Atom Agent 0 Glory to the pioneers! 1
Bustin' nuts Bustin' nuts 0 Help the Nutcracker. 49
Head Burst Head Burst 0 Off with their heads! 25
Indy Indy 0 Make an archaeological discovery! 50
Love Guru Love Guru 0 Romance more than one character. 69
Neanderthal Neanderthal 0 Use some of that neanderthal astuteness. 40
Sacrifice Sacrifice 0 Get the approval of the higher powers. 50
Savant Savant 0 One prodigious ability, deficits in other areas. 11
Superhuman Superhuman 0 Take your chances with a mysterious chemical. 35
Wishmaster Wishmaster 0 Caught a lucky break! 50
Cheeki Breeki Cheeki Breeki 0 Commit several caravan robberies. 50
Explorer Explorer 0 Visit fifteen locations. 50
Kraina Grzybow Kraina Grzybow 0 There's no such thing as too much mushrooms... 50
One HIT wonder One HIT wonder 0 Kill an opponent with one hit! 25
One shot, one kill One shot, one kill 0 Just like the title says... 25
Traveler Traveler 0 Visit ten locations. 10
Wanderer Wanderer 0 Visit five locations. 5
Expert Expert 0 Get to level 30 on the expert difficulty. 90
27 Club 27 Club 0 Your hero must die on 27 level on the Survival difficulty. We dare you.. 27
Secret room Secret room 0 ...where only the dead lie... 35
Comrade Yogi Comrade Yogi 0 Abandoned houses attract uninvited guests... 15
It's a classic! It's a classic! 0 It's making a comeback! 30
Cosmic Horror Cosmic Horror 0 You performed the stone spiral ritual. 43
It was worth a shot It was worth a shot 0 What will happen if you kick the robot a bit too much... 30
No Name, No Slogan No Name, No Slogan 0 The Wastes will never know your name. 35
Pacifist Pacifist 0 A true pacifist abhors murdering any living being. At least personally... 45
The Vitinsky Rifle The Vitinsky Rifle 0 You found it at last! 35
Ghostbuster Ghostbuster 0 If there's something strange in the Metro station. Who you gonna call? 10

Secret Achievements

Paranoia Paranoia 0 But was it the correct decision..? 0
Career criminal Career criminal 0 Grishka was spared. 0
Not-so-private Eye Not-so-private Eye 0 Hero and the secret of three brothers! 0
Protection racket Protection racket 0 It’s time to pay... 0
Double agent Double agent 0 The Servant of Two Masters. 0
Tourist Korallov Tourist Korallov 0 Wasteland Casanova. 0
Mystical Relics Mystical Relics 0 The die is cast.. 0