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Henchman Story Achievements

Full list of Henchman Story achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Henchman Story has 26 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Tragic Backstory Tragic Backstory 0 Complete the intro. 25
Bedlam's Big Score Bedlam's Big Score 0 Made it through Operation Day in one piece. 25
Villainy is My Passion Villainy is My Passion 0 Survived a performance review. 25
Roll for Initiative Roll for Initiative 0 Took part in Game Night at the secret lair. 25
Side Hustle Side Hustle 0 Earned some extra money by taking on a side gig. 25
Thermodynamic Miracle Thermodynamic Miracle 0 Started a romance. 25
Collector Collector 0 Got every ending in Henchman Story. Way to go! 200

Secret Achievements

You're a Talker You're a Talker 0 Talked your way past Dave on Saturday. 10
Shock Stick Diplomacy Shock Stick Diplomacy 0 Fought your way past Dave on Saturday. 10
Make a Wager Make a Wager 0 Sided with Kate during Saturday's confrontation. 10
Seize Opportunity Seize Opportunity 0 Sided with Madame Scorpion during Saturday's confrontation. 10
Triple Cross Triple Cross 0 Defected to the other side and called in the cavalry. 10
I Quit I Quit 0 Handed Lord Bedlam your resignation. With enthusiasm. 10
Shine On, You Crazy Moron Shine On, You Crazy Moron 0 Defeated the world's newest superhero. Handily. 10
The Final Panel The Final Panel 0 Completed a single playthrough of Henchman Story with any ending. 30
The Road Untaken The Road Untaken 0 Called it quits. (Endings #1 and #2) 50
Entrepreneur Entrepreneur 0 Forged your own path into the future. (Ending #3) 50
Super-Stan Super-Stan 0 Went from henchman to hero. (Ending #4) 50
Superhero Hooky Superhero Hooky 0 Fell in love with a superhero - and vice versa. (Ending #5) 50
A Heroic Duo A Heroic Duo 0 Learned how to do what you love with who you love. (Ending #6) 50
Henchman of the Year Henchman of the Year 0 Became the best henchman you could be, no matter what. (Ending #7) 50
Casual Villainy Casual Villainy 0 Some supervillains have everything, and some henchman do too. (Ending #8) 50
Twisted Twisted 0 Burned it all to the ground for each other. (Ending #9) 50
Lord Stanley Lord Stanley 0 Became a true supervillain. (Ending #10) 50
A Real Dynamo A Real Dynamo 0 Formed an unlikely bond. (Ending #11) 50
Agent Stan Agent Stan 0 Welcome to the program. (Ending #12) 50