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Aeon Must Die! Achievements

Full list of Aeon Must Die! achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Aeon Must Die! has 35 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

The Purpose Of Betrayal The Purpose Of Betrayal 0 Clear the first Ivory encounter (Win or Lose) 15
A Scarlet Mark A Scarlet Mark 0 Clear the Scarlet encounter (Kill or Spare) 15
Dreams Of Perfection Dreams Of Perfection 0 Clear the Onyx encounter (Kill or Spare) 15
Ashes Of Belief Ashes Of Belief 0 Clear the Ash encounter (Kill or Spare) 15
Anything For The Throne Anything For The Throne 0 Reach the Aeon ending 30
A Path Scarred by Choice A Path Scarred by Choice 0 Reach the neutral ending 30
One Track Mind One Track Mind 0 Reach the good ending 30
The Many Fates Of The Many The Many Fates Of The Many 0 Reach all endings in one save file 85
Buried Memories Buried Memories 0 Complete all side story chapters 15
Purpose Lost Purpose Lost 0 Lose all Purpose and let Aeon take control 15
Respect Earned Respect Earned 0 Acquire all Aeon's Powers by buying them 30
Loyal Companion Loyal Companion 0 Have 3 bike upgrades equipped 15
Iron Will Iron Will 0 Reach an ending in a single save file without letting Aeon take full control or dying with honor 30
Atta Boy! Atta Boy! 0 Kill an enemy by using a bike skill 15
Hot Potato Hot Potato 0 Overheat an enemy and throw them to an assist row 15
Moment Of Perfection Moment Of Perfection 0 Reach SSS rank on any mission 15
Perfection Everlasting Perfection Everlasting 0 Reach S rank on any ending 85
Rightfully Yours Rightfully Yours 0 Complete a revenge mission 15
Emperor's Hubris Emperor's Hubris 0 Challenge Aeon in a Trial Within and win 15
Even While Weakened Even While Weakened 0 Defeat Ivory on the first encounter 15
You're Trapped Here With Me You're Trapped Here With Me 0 Use all of Onyx's attacks against them during the first stage of the Onyx encounter 30
Out Of My Way Out Of My Way 0 Complete a chase sequence without getting hit during the Ash encounter 30
Rush Of Flames Rush Of Flames 0 Complete the Scarlet encounter in under 2 minutes 30 seconds 30
Nothing To Lose Nothing To Lose 0 Die with honor 15
Like Swatting Flies Like Swatting Flies 0 Kill 13 enemies within 3 minutes in a single fight 15
Cold Blooded Cold Blooded 0 Defeat Scarlet without becoming Overheated 30
Not Afraid Of The Dark Not Afraid Of The Dark 0 Escape Ash's dimension with a perfect parry 30
Not On My Watch Not On My Watch 0 Defeat Onyx's second stage without letting Onyx use any assist actions 30
Balance Incarnate Balance Incarnate 0 Kill 13 enemies without becoming Overheated or Drained 30
Untouchable Legend Untouchable Legend 0 Kill 13 enemies without getting hit 30
Emperor's Education Emperor's Education 0 Complete all tutorials 15
Don't Need Your Help Don't Need Your Help 0 Complete a single run without purchasing any upgrades (bike upgrades only) 85
Cheap Tricks Cheap Tricks 0 In Rex's first encounter, kill all enemies before being killed 15
Full Might Of The Armada Full Might Of The Armada 0 Reach the maximum level for all enemy attributes in a single save file 85
Slam The Brakes! Slam The Brakes! 0 Destroy an enemy bike with an Overheated enemy 15