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Corpse Party (2021) Achievements

Full list of Corpse Party (2021) achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Corpse Party (2021) has 50 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Let's Make Up Let's Make Up 0 Clear Chapter 1 10
The Lurking Threat The Lurking Threat 0 Clear Chapter 2 20
Back to Who You Care For Back to Who You Care For 0 Clear Chapter 3 30
Return and Pursuit Return and Pursuit 0 Clear Chapter 4 40
Homecoming Homecoming 0 Clear Chapter 5 50
Better Read than Dead Better Read than Dead 0 Clear one Extra Chapter (Not including new ones) 10
Halfway Point Halfway Point 0 Clear seven Extra Chapters (Not including new ones) 20
After Effect... After Effect... 0 Clear the new Extra Chapter 1 15
Geranium Geranium 0 Clear the new Extra Chapter 2 20
Memorial for the Departed Memorial for the Departed 0 Find 30 nametags 66
When the Shaking Stops When the Shaking Stops 0 Where is this place?! 10
Spooked! Spooked! 0 Find the spirit in the cabinet 1
First-Time Item User First-Time Item User 0 Use an item where it's supposed to go 4
The First Candle The First Candle 0 Save at a candle 4
Fleeting Light Fleeting Light 0 Find the key to the nurse's office 4
Hairy Situation Hairy Situation 0 Escape danger with a match 4
A Leg Up A Leg Up 0 Use the Filthy Bucket 4
Body Snatched Body Snatched 0 Find the body of the Antique Doll 4
Using Your Head Using Your Head 0 Find the head of the Antique Doll 4
Charmed Charmed 0 Get Yuka's charm 4
Heart Pains Heart Pains 0 Use the Unknown Key 4
Future Unknown Future Unknown 0 When will the shaking stop? 4
Fear and Loathing in the Halls Fear and Loathing in the Halls 0 Manage to make it to the second wing of the school 4
Reunion Reunion 0 Running away seems like the right choice 4
Unexpected Encounter Unexpected Encounter 0 That wasn't your brother 4
Screams of Woe Screams of Woe 0 It came from Naomi's phone 4
Searching for Him Searching for Him 0 Meet up with Naho again 4
Fleeting Light Redux Fleeting Light Redux 0 Find the Custodian's Key 4
What Lies Beyond What Lies Beyond 0 Perform a rescue at the pool 4
Drainage Dilemma Drainage Dilemma 0 Drain the water 4
Tongue Tied Tongue Tied 0 Turn over remains and be thanked for it 4
Divide and Conquer Divide and Conquer 0 Gain the ability to control a far away friend 44
Don't Even Want to Imagine Don't Even Want to Imagine 0 Make it back alive from the pool 44
The Path Back Home The Path Back Home 0 Prepare for the purification ritual 44
Multi-Ending Multi-Ending 0 See at least 15 endings 50
One Rainy Day After School One Rainy Day After School 0 Not for the faint of heart 30
Horrible Night for a Curse Horrible Night for a Curse 0 Learn a terrible truth 30
I Thought We Were Friends... I Thought We Were Friends... 0 Hear something that cannot be unheard 30
Corpse Mania Corpse Mania 0 Find a phone with grisly photos saved on it 30
Self-Sacrifice Self-Sacrifice 0 A teacher who always puts her students first 30
Parting Words Parting Words 0 Gain the courage to get out alive 30
Good Thinking! Good Thinking! 0 Leave a candle as a sign for others 30
Shared Misfortune Shared Misfortune 0 See the one thing you never wanted to see 30
Faded Star Faded Star 0 The high school paranormalist arrives 30
Student Gathering Hub Student Gathering Hub 0 You know this is the student council room, right? 30
Flirt With Fear Flirt With Fear 0 That might have saved your bacon 30
Red Spirits Red Spirits 0 Lose sight of what you're chasing after 30
Teardrops Teardrops 0 They will always be watching over you 30
Social Distancing Social Distancing 0 Get right up in her face 30
Contacting Heavenly Host Contacting Heavenly Host 0 Perform Sachiko Ever After 30