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Wind Peaks Achievements

Full list of Wind Peaks achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Wind Peaks has 14 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Welcome Welcome 0 Complete the first level 50
Finding a treasure Finding a treasure 0 Complete level 2 50
Going for an adventure Going for an adventure 0 Complete level 5 50
Time to wake up Time to wake up 0 Wake up the ranger 50
Sunk Sunk 0 Solve the puzzle of level 8 100
Runaway cats Runaway cats 0 Find all cats of level 10 50
Secrets come from the ground Secrets come from the ground 0 Solve the puzzle of the level 12 100
Look what I found! Look what I found! 0 Complete the game 100
Preserving Nature Preserving Nature 0 Throw 25 bottles in the trash 150
Stacked high Stacked high 0 Stack 3 totems 100
Wildlife Photo Wildlife Photo 0 Take a wildlife photo 50
Good boy Good boy 0 Good boy 50
Throw a bone to the dog Throw a bone to the dog 0 Find the Bigfoot 50
Wild Gnomes Wild Gnomes 0 Find all 3 gnomes 50