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The Prince of Landis Achievements

Full list of The Prince of Landis achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

The Prince of Landis has 35 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Close Encounter Close Encounter 0 There is something strange in the woods. 30
Be More Cunning Be More Cunning 0 Get some advice from beyond. 30
Hospitable Hospitable 0 Help someone, or something... in need. 30
Bringing Home the Copper Bringing Home the Copper 0 Find some good electrical conductors. 30
A Crunchy Snack A Crunchy Snack 0 Serve up a winged meal. 30
Dealing With a Big Thing Dealing With a Big Thing 0 Get some advice about bullies. 30
The Grim Feast The Grim Feast 0 Serve up a large meal. 90
Final Meal Final Meal 0 Serve one final meal. 90
Roadside Beating Roadside Beating 0 Showdown in the streets. 70
Grade A Lumber Grade A Lumber 0 Have a talk with 'teach' about class. 30
Checking the Power Checking the Power 0 Investigate some of the electrical disturbances in town. 15
Nose for Secrets Nose for Secrets 0 Find the hidden place! 15
Checkin' Them Doors Checkin' Them Doors 0 Check all points of egress! 15
A Nice Place to Rest A Nice Place to Rest 0 Warm up your feet a little! 15
Show Some Respect Show Some Respect 0 Don't be rude. 15
Glimpse of the Future Glimpse of the Future 0 Vet all of your options. 15
There Has To Be a Better Way There Has To Be a Better Way 0 Fowler would not approve of doing any unnecessary work. 15
Entomologist Entomologist 0 Take up bug collecting. 15
Artist Artist 0 Maybe take some time to do a little drawing. 15
Disappointment Disappointment 0 Admire your collection of bats and balls. 15
Real Healthy Self Image Real Healthy Self Image 0 Take a good long hard look at yourself. 15
Pawn Shop Pawn Shop 0 Investigate your comic collection. 15
Empty Cupboards Empty Cupboards 0 Try to make dinner. 15
Party Line Party Line 0 Try making a call. 30
Worthless Worthless 0 Check out those paper mill tools. 30
1980's Cable 1980's Cable 0 Try to change the TV station. 30
Sweet Mudflaps Sweet Mudflaps 0 Admire 'Big Orange.' 15
Flattened Flattened 0 Bring home a strange meal. 30
Canned Canned 0 Put a mess to good use. 30
Toolbox Toolbox 0 Find some tools. 30
It is Free, Man It is Free, Man 0 Essential and standard issue. 30
Discount Discount 0 Use your five-finger discount. 30
Higher Learning Higher Learning 0 Help spread knowledge from here to the stars. 30
Now Find the Lightning Now Find the Lightning 0 Procure the jar of the masons. 30
Visiting Oregon Visiting Oregon 0 Take a trip to the great Pacific Northwest. 30