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Get Even Achievements

Full list of Get Even achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Get Even has 40 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Strong man saves helpless woman Strong man saves helpless woman 0 Collect all evidence on Grace's kidnapping. 20
Diagnosis Diagnosis 0 Collect all evidence in Building B. 20
Intensive treatment Intensive treatment 0 Collect all evidence in Building C. 20
I confess! I confess! 0 Collect all evidence of the ADS heist. 20
Cleaning up the mess Cleaning up the mess 0 Collect all evidence from the warehouse murder case. 20
In extremis In extremis 0 Collect all evidence from J's dying minutes. 20
Inside job Inside job 0 Collect all evidence in the kidnappers' hideout. 20
Wolf in sheep's clothing Wolf in sheep's clothing 0 Collect all evidence on Rose Atkins. 20
Beyond the veil Beyond the veil 0 Escape the Asylum. 40
Cogito ergo sum Cogito ergo sum 0 Unlock a hidden memory. 30
Gnosis Gnosis 0 Unlock all hidden memories. 40
Quick fix Quick fix 0 Solve the electricity problem properly and let John Lyndon get his kick. 20
Call the plumber Call the plumber 0 Sabotage the plumbing to distract ADS security. 20
Die another day Die another day 0 Scan Albert Hall while he is alive. 20
Involuntary manslaughter Involuntary manslaughter 0 Scan Albert Hall's dead body. 20
Where's my music? Where's my music? 0 Distract Walt Kaufmann. 20
Locked and loaded Locked and loaded 0 Collect three ammo clips during one stay in the Asylum. 20
Clean job Clean job 0 Break into the building where Jasper is held without raising an alarm. 40
Benefit of the doubt Benefit of the doubt 0 Help Jared escape his captors. 20
It's 5 o'clock It's 5 o'clock 0 Get John some water. 20
Action hero Action hero 0 Eliminate all criminals in the main room of their hideout within 30 seconds. 40
Ghost warrior Ghost warrior 0 Reach the meeting spot in the marshes without raising an alarm. 40
Untraceable Untraceable 0 Infiltrate a memory without triggering defence mechanisms. 30
Assuming direct control Assuming direct control 0 Assimilate an enemy. 20
In the lions' den In the lions' den 0 Collect all evidence on the secret hideout of the criminal mastermind. 20

Secret Achievements

Survivor syndrome Survivor syndrome 0 Let Mr. Boyce survive the ADS heist. 20
Overdose Overdose 0 Survive a bad trip in the Asylum garden. 20
Fuel to the fire Fuel to the fire 0 Let a pair of cultists roam free. 20
Chronic survivor Chronic survivor 0 Help Boyce escape the Asylum. 30
There is no cake There is no cake 0 Let Kiddo survive to see the party. 20
Eyes of a cat Eyes of a cat 0 Recognise the living dancer before he attacks. 30
Convert Convert 0 Let John Keating survive till the Party and confront him about his new beliefs. 30
Painful memories Painful memories 0 Recall the aftermath of the kidnapping. 20
Unreliable narrator Unreliable narrator 0 Discover the truth about Jasper's murder. 20
Broken Broken 0 Recall your loss. 20
Tough love Tough love 0 I will always be with you... 20
Summary of doom Summary of doom 0 Discover the true mastermind behind the kidnapping. 20
Transcendence Transcendence 0 Leave the world of memories. 30
Non omnis moriar Non omnis moriar 0 Make peace with Grace. 40
Disowned Disowned 0 Say "Good-bye". 40