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Before We Leave Achievements

Full list of Before We Leave achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Before We Leave has 55 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Blacksmith Blacksmith 0 Make a Tool at a Toolsmith 5
Seaworthy Seaworthy 0 Repair the Ship 5
The Stars Beckon The Stars Beckon 0 Repair the Spaceship 5
A New Home A New Home 0 Colonise a Planet 10
It's Bright Out There It's Bright Out There 0 Colonise an innermost Planet 10
The Dark Reaches The Dark Reaches 0 Colonise an outermost Planet 15
What was That? What was That? 0 Survive a whale attack 15
Feed The Beast Feed The Beast 0 Prevent a Whale attack with a Space Elevator 10
A Whole New World A Whole New World 0 Finish the game 15
Back to the Bunker Back to the Bunker 0 Hide all Peeps on a Planet in Shelters during a Whale attack 20
Fortified Fortified 0 Fully protect a Planet with a Shield 15
Heart of the Labyrinth Heart of the Labyrinth 0 Tame a Minotaur 15
Debug Mode Debug Mode 0 Tame a Gremlin Nest 10
Riddle Master Riddle Master 0 Tame a Sphinx 15
Heart of the Ocean Heart of the Ocean 0 Tame a Kraken 15
Smooth Sailing Smooth Sailing 0 Repair the Ship in 15 in-game minutes 15
Let's Get Off This Rock Let's Get Off This Rock 0 Repair the Spaceship in 90 in-game minutes 20
Opulence Opulence 0 Have 100+ Happy Peeps living in Apartments with 10 Fountains and no Pollution on an Island. 20
7 Horizons 7 Horizons 0 Colonise 7 Planets in 1 game 20
Warm at Heart Warm at Heart 0 Have all Peeps wearing Good Clothing in a none "Apocalypse Soon" scenario 35
Metropolis Metropolis 0 Have one Island with 300+ Peeps on it, all with homes 20
Utopia Utopia 0 Have one Island with 200+ Peeps, all happy and housed 15
Holiday Resort Holiday Resort 0 100+ Happy Peeps on an Island with no Fields, Extractor, Industry or Quality of Life buildings. 25
One with Nature One with Nature 0 Repair Spaceship without ever demolishing a Forest 15
We Don't Need No Education We Don't Need No Education 0 Have 100 Peeps on an Island without ever building a School there. Limited Peeps mode must be off 20
Radioactive Radioactive 0 Finish the game without ever building a cleaner 20
Variety is the Spice of Life Variety is the Spice of Life 0 Colonise Islands of all 6 biomes and have a population of at least 50 Peeps on each of them 20
The Taste Of Home The Taste Of Home 0 50+ Peeps, all happy, on an inner or outer Planet Island, fed with only potatoes and water 20
Environmental Protection Agency Environmental Protection Agency 0 Maintain a full Shield for 1 in-game hour around a Planet with only Wind and Solar generators 20
What did I step in? What did I step in? 0 Have a Planet with every Island tile polluted (except tiny islands), with default pollution settings 35
Apocalype Soon Apocalype Soon 0 Complete the Apocalypse Soon scenario 25
Seed Hunter Seed Hunter 0 Complete the Seed Hunter scenario 25
Hut-Owners Association Hut-Owners Association 0 Complete the Hut-Owners Association scenario 35
Getting Busy Getting Busy 0 Complete the Getting Busy scenario 35
Baby Boom Baby Boom 0 Create 500 Peeps across all games 10
Baby Boom Plus Baby Boom Plus 0 Create 5000 Peeps across all games 25
Property Investor Property Investor 0 Build 100 Huts across all games 10
Property Tycoon Property Tycoon 0 Build 1000 Huts across all games 25
Explorer Explorer 0 Colonise 20 Islands across all games 15
Explorer Plus Explorer Plus 0 Colonise 100 Islands across all games 25
Survivalist Survivalist 0 Survive 20 Whale Attacks across all games 15
Survivalist Plus Survivalist Plus 0 Survive 100 Whale Attacks across all games 25
Alchemist Alchemist 0 Use a Transmogrifier 30 times across all games 10
Grand Alchemist Grand Alchemist 0 Use a Transmogrifier 200 times across all games 20
Tinker Tinker 0 Make 100 Gadgets across all games 10
Grand Tinker Grand Tinker 0 Make 1000 Gadgets across all games 15
Astronaut Astronaut 0 Build 10 Spaceships across all games 15
Captain Captain 0 Build 20 Ships across all games 10
Space Admiral Space Admiral 0 Build 100 Spaceships across all games 35
Admiral Admiral 0 Build 200 Ships across all games 25
Woodchuck Woodchuck 0 Demolish 100 forests across all games 10
Giant Woodchuck Giant Woodchuck 0 Demolish 1000 forests across all games 15

Secret Achievements

Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom 0 Lose 20+ buildings in one whale attack 10
Who put that there? Who put that there? 0 Destroy a Ship by creating crystal Island under it 20
Misery Loves Company Misery Loves Company 0 Have 100+ Peeps in a game, all of them Very Sad 35