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Thymesia Achievements

Full list of Thymesia achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Thymesia has 37 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Varg Varg 0 Defeat Varg 20
Odur Odur 0 Defeat Odur 20
The Hanged Queen The Hanged Queen 0 Defeat The Hanged Queen 20
Corvus Corvus 0 Defeat Corvus 20
Urd Urd 0 Defeat Urd 20
Mutated Odur Mutated Odur 0 Defeat Mutated Odur. 20
God of the Fools God of the Fools 0 Defeat God of the Fools. 20
Sound of the Abyss Sound of the Abyss 0 Defeat Sound of the Abyss. 20
Chaotic Power Chaotic Power 0 Reach the "Chaotic Power" ending. 30
Power of Vile Blood Power of Vile Blood 0 Reach the "Power of Vile Blood" ending. 30
Blessing of Pure Blood Blessing of Pure Blood 0 Reach the "Blessing of Pure Blood" ending. 30
Harmonized Force Harmonized Force 0 Reach the "Harmonized Force" ending. 30
Power of Cleansing Power of Cleansing 0 Reach the "Power of Cleasing" ending. 30
Memory Seeker Memory Seeker 0 Reach all endings. 75
Darkness!!! Darkness!!! 0 Finish the tutorial. 10
Sea of Trees Sea of Trees 0 Finish "Sea of Trees" level. 15
Royal Garden Royal Garden 0 Finish "Royal Garden" level. 15
Hermes Fortress Hermes Fortress 0 Finish "Hermes Fortress" level. 15
Completed Memory Completed Memory 0 Finish all levels. 30
Start Recalling Start Recalling 0 Start recalling for the first time. 5
Test Ride Test Ride 0 Reave a plague weapon for the first time. 5
Take a break Take a break 0 Light up the beacon. 5
Memory Interrupted Memory Interrupted 0 Dead for the first time. 5
It's mine now! It's mine now! 0 Unlock a plague weapon for the first time. 5
Is this Alchemy? Is this Alchemy? 0 Craft a potion recipe for the first time 5
Weapon Master Weapon Master 0 Fully upgrade a plague weapon for the first time. 10
Alchemist Alchemist 0 Fully upgrade a potion. 20
Herb Gatherer Herb Gatherer 0 Collect all potion ingredients. 50
Plague Doctor Plague Doctor 0 Collect all potion formulas. 50
Lord of Plague Lord of Plague 0 Unlock all plague weapons. 50
Good Listener Good Listener 0 Collect all lore. 50
Memory Weaver Memory Weaver 0 Collect all story bits. 50
The Great Collector The Great Collector 0 Collect all entries in the collection. 100
YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!! YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!! 0 Empty the first health bar of Varg in the tutorial. 30
Piece of Cake Piece of Cake 0 Defeat any boss without using potion. 30
Rolling Required Ahead Rolling Required Ahead 0 Break 1000 barrels. 10
Peak Performance Peak Performance 0 Reach max level. 50