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Archvale Achievements

Full list of Archvale achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Archvale has 40 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Humble Beginnings Humble Beginnings 0 Find the village of Timberwell. 10
It Begins It Begins 0 Die. 10
Vigor Vigor 0 Own 8 hearts. 10
Feeling Healthy Feeling Healthy 0 Collect all Heart Containers. 30
Restorationist Restorationist 0 Repair 10 fountains. 10
Fruity Concoction Fruity Concoction 0 Obtain an improved healing recipe. 10
Nectar of the Gods Nectar of the Gods 0 Obtain the best potion recipe. 20
Bottle Collector Bottle Collector 0 Collect all healing flasks. 20
Trial Novice Trial Novice 0 Complete your first trial. 10
Trial Master Trial Master 0 Complete every trial. 50
Collector Collector 0 Complete half of your badge collection. 10
A Complete Set A Complete Set 0 Collect every badge. 150
Star Athlete Star Athlete 0 Perform five consecutive dashes without stamina recharging. 10
Belongs in a Museum Belongs in a Museum 0 Cash in 10 treasures. 10
Master Crafter Master Crafter 0 Craft 30 items. 10
This Will Do This Will Do 0 Fully upgrade a weapon. 10
Fortune Fortune 0 Store over 10000 gold in the bank. 20
Combat Expert Combat Expert 0 Defeat 1000 enemies. 10
Slayer of Slime I Slayer of Slime I 0 Defeat the Great Slime. 10
Hammered Down Hammered Down 0 Defeat Mongo. 10
Ghost Buster Ghost Buster 0 Defeat the Ghost Crab. 10
Wispbane Wispbane 0 Defeat the Soul Serpent. 10
Exterminator Exterminator 0 Defeat the Queen Duneworm. 10
Slayer of Slime II Slayer of Slime II 0 Defeat Frankenslime. 10
Arena Victor Arena Victor 0 Complete the Arena Challenge. 10
Beneath the Kingdom Beneath the Kingdom 0 Enter the Twisted Caverns. 10
Welcome to the Jungle Welcome to the Jungle 0 Destroy the vine barrier blocking Tanglegrove. 10
Reject Humanity Reject Humanity 0 Equip a shark cap and mermaid tail. 20
Unburnt Unburnt 0 Survive the ritual of the Molten Rift. 10
Maxilla Maxilla 0 Defeat Maxilla. 10
The Fallen Pharaoh The Fallen Pharaoh 0 Defeat the Fallen Pharaoh. 15
The Exiled Wizard The Exiled Wizard 0 Defeat the Exiled Wizard. 15
The Grove's Blight The Grove's Blight 0 Defeat Groveblight. 20
The Rotted King The Rotted King 0 Defeat the Rotted King. 20
The Banished Executioner The Banished Executioner 0 Defeat the Banished Executioner. 20
The Sunken Queen The Sunken Queen 0 Defeat the Sunken Queen. 20
Architect Architect 0 Rebuild the gateway to Archvale. 50

Secret Achievements

Well Read Well Read 0 Assemble the Arch Lexicon. 50
The Ultimate Blade The Ultimate Blade 0 Obtain Avarn's Sword. 50
The Old King The Old King 0 Defeat the Old King. 200