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Reverie Knights Tactics Achievements

Full list of Reverie Knights Tactics achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Reverie Knights Tactics has 42 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Impulsive Impulsive 0 Achieve your first level of Chaos. 15
Obedient Obedient 0 Achieve your first level of Order. 15
Teamwork Teamwork 0 Defeat 30 enemies with a Team Attack. 15
Flattening the Field Flattening the Field 0 Destroy 50 obstacles. 15
Must have Hurt Must have Hurt 0 Defeat an enemy with a single hit. 15
Area Blaster Area Blaster 0 Defeat at least 4 enemies with a single skill. 15
This Rose has Thorns This Rose has Thorns 0 Defeat an enemy by using Thorns. 15
Back Pain Back Pain 0 Defeat an enemy with a backstab. 15
Head Hunter Head Hunter 0 Defeat 100 enemies. 15
Adaptable Adaptable 0 Achieve the second level of Chaos. 30
Disciplined Disciplined 0 Achieve the second level of Order. 30
Locksmith Locksmith 0 Unlock all chests. 30
Avenger Avenger 0 Defeat 200 enemies. 30
Cogni is Power Cogni is Power 0 Spend 10.000 cogni. 30
Anarchist Anarchist 0 Achieved your max level of Chaos. 80
Tradicional Tradicional 0 Achieved your max level of Order. 80
Artificer Artificer 0 Craft all tomes. 80
Master Strategist Master Strategist 0 Complete all battles with max rating. 80

Secret Achievements

The Journey Begins The Journey Begins 0 Embark on the Journey. 10
The First of Many The First of Many 0 Make your first decision. 10
Banished Banished 0 Banish Fren from the Party. 15
Forgiven Forgiven 0 Forgive Fren. 15
Master Key Master Key 0 Get the Lockpick. 15
Liberator Liberator 0 Free the captured fairy. 15
Freedom Fighters Freedom Fighters 0 Free the captured elves. 15
Put to Rest Put to Rest 0 Purify the Elven Cemetery. 15
The Great Fortress The Great Fortress 0 Reach the Elven Palace. 15
Right on Time Right on Time 0 Rescue Gina. 15
The Journey Ends The Journey Ends 0 Embark back to the Kingdom. 15
Laid to Rest Laid to Rest 0 Free Fren's brother from torment. 15
Cage Survivors Cage Survivors 0 Survive the ambush by Holgor. 15
Food for Thought Food for Thought 0 Solve the Aldaranndill Puzzle. 15
Shape Master Shape Master 0 Solve the Runic Puzzle. 15
This One Goes Here This One Goes Here 0 Solve the Garden Puzzle. 15
Double Trouble Double Trouble 0 Have Brigandine join the Party. 15
Three Makes a Party Three Makes a Party 0 Have Fren join the Party. 15
The Gang's All Here The Gang's All Here 0 Have Hellaron join the Party. 15
Legacy Bearer Legacy Bearer 0 Absorb the Nythrondaar. 15
End of a Legacy End of a Legacy 0 Destroy the Nythrondaar. 15
We Shall Pass We Shall Pass 0 Finish the first Act. 30
Scrapped Scrapped 0 Finish the second Act. 30
Revenge Revenge 0 Finish the third Act. 30