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The Last Hero of Nostalgaia Achievements

Full list of The Last Hero of Nostalgaia achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

The Last Hero of Nostalgaia has 45 achievements worth 1195 gamerscore

Speed Run Speed Run 0 Completed the story in under 5 hours. 90
PvE Mode PvE Mode 0 Completed the story without summoning other players or NPCs. 45
Off The Rails Off The Rails 0 A train killed an enemy in Start of Sequence. 15
Such Salt Such Salt 0 Dropped 5 levels worth of memory in a single death. 15
A Guide Isn't Cheating A Guide Isn't Cheating 0 Looked up an achievement online. 45
Roguelike Roguelike 0 Performed 20 backstabs. 15
Ready? Fight! Ready? Fight! 0 Performed 20 repostes. 15
The Block Button The Block Button 0 Performed 20 rebuffs. 15
Ode to a Blacksmith Ode to a Blacksmith 0 Collected every piece of armor. 30
Fully Formatted Fully Formatted 0 Collected every rune. 30
Song of Source Song of Source 0 Collected every Spell. 30
Master's Sword Master's Sword 0 Fully upgraded a weapon. 30
Lore of the Land Lore of the Land 0 Remembered every relic. 30
Laid Bare Laid Bare 0 Unburdened every item. 30
Blessing of Pain Blessing of Pain 0 Levelled up at The Reservoir of Pain. 30
The Unwanted Saviour The Unwanted Saviour 0 Collected all Martyrdom Penalties. 30

Secret Achievements

The Threshold The Threshold 0 Received the Spirit's blessing. 15
The Raider The Raider 0 Defeated The Grinder. 15
The Betrayer The Betrayer 0 Defeated Gnom. 15
The Puritan The Puritan 0 Defeated Wunderschonenburg. 15
The Heckler The Heckler 0 Defeated The Narrator. 15
The Embittered The Embittered 0 Defeated The Arena. 15
The Guardian The Guardian 0 Defeated The Spirit of Heroism. 15
The Pipe Layer The Pipe Layer 0 Defeated Mercucio. 30
The Martyr The Martyr 0 Defeated The Reservoir of Pain. 30
The Great One The Great One 0 Claimed your throne. 80
Resurrection Resurrection 0 Gave yourself back to Nostalgaia. 80
Whisked Away Whisked Away 0 Gave The Maiden's gift to The Innocent. 15
Mercy Mercy 0 Gave The Reservoir's gift to The Innocent. 15
For the Unwanted For the Unwanted 0 Completed Lady Sco's questline. 15
For Honor For Honor 0 Completed Nameless Nhero's questline. 15
Destiny Rebuked Destiny Rebuked 0 Completed Vengence's questline. 15
Endless Possibilities Endless Possibilities 0 Completed The Innocent's questline. 15
And End to Suffering And End to Suffering 0 Completed The Reservoir of Pain's questline. 15
Redemption Redemption 0 Completed Blade The Bold's questline. 15
It's a Soulslike It's a Soulslike 0 You died. 10
Achievement Achievement 0 Got an Achievement. 10
I Lit Every Torch I Lit Every Torch 0 ... In the Rehabilitation Pits and all I got was this lousy achievement. 15
404 404 0 Achievement not found. 10
Memory Challenge Memory Challenge 0 Levelled up five times in a single beacon visit. 15

The Last Hero of Nostalgaia - The Rise of Evil

There are 5 achievements with a total of 195 points.

The Ideologue The Ideologue 0 Defeat Eve 30
The Traditionalist The Traditionalist 0 Defeat Luvanni's Anger 30
The Rise and Fall of Evil The Rise and Fall of Evil 0 Defeat The Adversary 30
That's it!? That's it!? 0 Another Shirt!? 15
Forensics Forensics 0 Remember all relics in The Rise of Evil DLC 90