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The Last Faith Achievements

Full list of The Last Faith achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

The Last Faith has 52 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

The Expert The Expert 0 Level up one stat to 50. 15
Apothecary Apothecary 0 Acquire all Healing Holsters. 15
Fully Loaded Fully Loaded 0 Acquire all Federal Era Belts. 15
Weapon Hoarder Weapon Hoarder 0 Acquire all primary weapons. 15
Armed to the Teeth Armed to the Teeth 0 Acquire all firearms. 15
The Stargazer The Stargazer 0 Acquire all spells. 15
Wealthy Wanderer Wealthy Wanderer 0 Spend over 50,000 Nycrux. 15
Master Smith Master Smith 0 Upgrade any primary weapon to its maximum level. 30
Dual Arsenal Ace Dual Arsenal Ace 0 Upgrade any secondary weapon to its maximum level. 30
Chronicles Unveiled Chronicles Unveiled 0 Find all notes. 40
Slayer Slayer 0 Kill 100 enemies. 15
Executioner Executioner 0 Perform 30 execution moves. 15
Parry Master Parry Master 0 Parry 50 incoming attacks. 15

Secret Achievements

Colossus Slayer Colossus Slayer 0 Defeat the Giant Patron. 15
A Doctor's Demise A Doctor's Demise 0 Defeat Dr. R. Hermann. 15
The Crypt Horror The Crypt Horror 0 Defeat Edwyn the Shadowscourge Horror. 15
Duo of Destruction Duo of Destruction 0 Defeat Yegor and Leena. 15
Revenge of the Fallen Revenge of the Fallen 0 Defeat Leena. 15
Ashes of the Burned Ashes of the Burned 0 Defeat the Burnt Apostate. 15
Starlight's Bane Starlight's Bane 0 Defeat the Starlight Beast of Illygarth. 15
Night's End Night's End 0 Defeat Lisa. 15
Nemesis Nemesis 0 Defeat the first Starborn Nighthunter. 15
Cursebreaker Cursebreaker 0 Defeat Manfredd the Accursed. 15
Sins of the Father Sins of the Father 0 Defeat the Old Wymond. 15
The Beast Within The Beast Within 0 Defeat the Cold One Beast. 15
Keepers of the Secret Keepers of the Secret 0 Defeat Caterina and Annabella. 15
Insomnia Insomnia 0 Defeat the Harbinger of Nightmare. 15
Forbidden Knowledge Forbidden Knowledge 0 Defeat Nyxaroth the Eldritch Wight. 15
False God Felled False God Felled 0 Defeat Lord Laddak. 15
The Silenced Voice The Silenced Voice 0 Defeat Medeya. 15
Broken Wings Broken Wings 0 Defeat the Winged Pale Laments. 15
Terror of Illygarth Terror of Illygarth 0 Defeat the Voracious Terror. 15
Hunter of Hunters Hunter of Hunters 0 Defeat the second Starborn Nighthunter. 15
A Promise Broken A Promise Broken 0 Acquire every Sepolcro. 15
Architect of Knowledge Architect of Knowledge 0 Deliver all of the blueprints to Mariano. 15
Transcendence Transcendence 0 Use the Stigma of Transcendence. 15
A Hunger, Sated A Hunger, Sated 0 Finish Aldrich's quest. 15
Child’s Play Child’s Play 0 Finish Madelyne and Theodora's quest. 15
Bell of the Ball Bell of the Ball 0 Finish Lady Annika’s quest. 15
Blessed Teacup Blessed Teacup 0 Finish Helenya’s quest. 15
Till Death Do Us Part Till Death Do Us Part 0 Finish Lucyl’s quest. 15
Nighttide Accomplice Nighttide Accomplice 0 Deliver all the dried livers to Lady Dorothea. 15
A Secret Well Kept A Secret Well Kept 0 Deliver all the Unborn of the Midnight Aristocracy to the Woman in Ink. 15
A Gravitational Grasp A Gravitational Grasp 0 Acquire the Gravitational Ring. 15
The Long Arm of Nova The Long Arm of Nova 0 Acquire the Nighthunter’s Grappling Claw. 15
Closing The Gap Closing The Gap 0 Acquire the Propulsion Boots. 15
Tech Savvy Tech Savvy 0 Acquire the Technological Lens. 15
Metamorphosis Metamorphosis 0 Acquire the Celestial Larva. 15
Esk's Secret Esk's Secret 0 Acquire both of Esk’s eyes. 15
Hail to the King Hail to the King 0 Accept the Throne. 70
Embrace the Cosmic Voice Embrace the Cosmic Voice 0 Be consumed by the Cosmic Voice. 70
All Will Be Revealed All Will Be Revealed 0 Reach the true ending. 70