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Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly Achievements

Full list of Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly has 53 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Welcome to Coffee Talk Welcome to Coffee Talk 0 What can I get you? 10
Let me start over Let me start over 0 It's okay to make mistakes 10
First Brew First Brew 0 It smells good 10
It's a masterpiece! It's a masterpiece! 0 It's social media-worthy! 10
Is this it? Is this it? 0 Pardon for the mistake 10
We are all friends We are all friends 0 Hello everyone! 10
Stop it! Stop it! 0 What a waste! 10
24/7 a beat to relax/study to 24/7 a beat to relax/study to 0 24/7 a beat to relax/study to 10
Failed Messenger Failed Messenger 0 Oops, I should've given this! 10
Ghosted Ghosted 0 Riona no longer comes to the shop 10
Bad Review Bad Review 0 Sometimes we're having a bad day at work 10
Bad Memory Bad Memory 0 Forgetful, aren't we? 10
Cold Shoulders Cold Shoulders 0 Aqua & Myrtle didn't get to make up 10
Art takes time Art takes time 0 Practice makes perfect 15
Barista Trainee Barista Trainee 0 Go easy on me 15
Barista Expert Barista Expert 0 Halfway through mastery 15
Nothing to show… Nothing to show… 0 Rachel isn't feeling creative at all... 15
First Love First Love 0 Inspire Rachel with a special drink... 15
Wistful Nights Wistful Nights 0 Inspire Rachel with a special drink... 15
Comfortable With You Comfortable With You 0 Inspire Rachel with a special drink... 15
Overflowing Warmth Overflowing Warmth 0 An interesting documentary to watch 15
Good Review Good Review 0 A good service deserves a good review! 15
Master Purloiner Master Purloiner 0 Watch your pocket! 15
Saved $100 Saved $100 0 100-buckaroo fine avoided, thanks to you! 15
Blood(ish) Red Blood(ish) Red 0 The perfect drink to quench immortal thirsts 15
Guest of Honor Guest of Honor 0 But what am I going to wear?! 15
One Way to Find Out One Way to Find Out 0 One Way to Find Out 15
True Fan True Fan 0 Nothing more special than a complete album collection 25
Not So Hot Business Not So Hot Business 0 Wonder why this place is so... quiet? 25
Local Favorite Local Favorite 0 The best hangout spot in the neighborhood 25
Master Brewer Master Brewer 0 It's not everything, but it is 25
Barista Guru Barista Guru 0 How do you turn this on? 25
Art Connoisseur Art Connoisseur 0 Collection of the century 25
Thank you for Playing Thank you for Playing 0 We mean it. Thanks. 75

Secret Achievements

Fellow Influencer Fellow Influencer 0 It's that guy! It's the girl! Do you know who I'm talking about? 15
Child’s Play Child’s Play 0 Catching up with the times 15
What’s This? What’s This? 0 You gave what? 15
Unsolicited Bouncer Unsolicited Bouncer 0 Who put you in charge of the guest list? 15
A Hardboiled Advice A Hardboiled Advice 0 Modern problems require modern solutions...? 25
Star-Crossed Siblings Star-Crossed Siblings 0 Hearts one hyperspace apart 25
How I Met Your Ancestor How I Met Your Ancestor 0 A love story aeons in the making 25
40,075Km 40,075Km 0 Around the world, around the world 25
Immutable Immortal Immutable Immortal 0 No, you're the fossil! 25
Hyde Leibovitz Hyde Leibovitz 0 Celebrity photographer 25
Festina Lente Festina Lente 0 Patience is key 25
Just Married Just Married 0 They finally tied the knot! 25
Work Woes Work Woes 0 Feels awful when it hits a dead end 25
Tender Soul Tender Soul 0 The case is deeper than he thought... 25
A Budding Partnership A Budding Partnership 0 A Budding Partnership 25
The Hibiscus & The Butterfly The Hibiscus & The Butterfly 0 Does it make sense? 25
Remembrance Remembrance 0 Never forget 25
“Five Stars!” “Five Stars!” 0 You did it! You passed the test! 25
Cat Shelter Cat Shelter 0 You don't adopt cats, they adopt you 25