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Rise of the Triad: Ludicrous Edition Achievements

Full list of Rise of the Triad: Ludicrous Edition achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Rise of the Triad: Ludicrous Edition has 33 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

YES! YES! 0 Earn a Ludicrous Gibs Bonus 10
Before It Was Cool Before It Was Cool 0 Get some serious air with a firebomb jump without dying 10
Well Done! Well Done! 0 Finish any level with all enemies killed and all secrets found 40
Goin' Down the Fast Way Goin' Down the Fast Way 0 Beat "The HUNT Begins" 65
CCCool CCCool 0 Beat "Dark War" 65
Havana Smooth Havana Smooth 0 Beat any level in "Extreme ROTT" 65
I Choose The Stairs I Choose The Stairs 0 Beat "The HUNT Continues" 65
You're Late You're Late 0 Get to the very end of "The HUNT Begins" end-of-episode messages 10
Buried In A Lunchbox Buried In A Lunchbox 0 Defeat General Darian 40
Not A Hallucination Not A Hallucination 0 Defeat Sebastian "Doyle" Krist 40
Just A Rolling Trashcan Just A Rolling Trashcan 0 Defeat the NME 40
A Bad Egg A Bad Egg 0 Defeat El Oscuro without eliminating all of his eggs 40
I Hate Snakes I Hate Snakes 0 Defeat El Oscuro while eliminating his eggs 40
Wall to Wall Wall to Wall 0 Find the entrance to "Wall to Wall" 40
Turn of the Screw Turn of the Screw 0 Find the entrance to "Turn of the Screw" 40
Elevator Trouble Elevator Trouble 0 Find the entrance to "Elevator Trouble" 40
Eight Ways to Hell Eight Ways to Hell 0 Find the entrance to "Eight Ways to Hell" 40
Switched Around Switched Around 0 Find the entrance to "Switched Around" 40
You Do Not Belong Here You Do Not Belong Here 0 Enter a warp-only level 10
I'M FREE! I'M FREE! 0 Free a moving wall from the confines of reality 10
Developers... Developers... 0 Find the Developer Ball 40
...of Incredible... ...of Incredible... 0 Find the Incredible Ball 40
...Power! ...Power! 0 Find the Power Ball 40
Fish Polka Fish Polka 0 Find Scott's Mystical Head 40
Fire From Olympus Fire From Olympus 0 Kill five enemies with a single God Mode Powerup fireball 10
Seven Ten Seven Ten 0 Kill two enemies with a split missile 10
Here Boy! Here Boy! 0 Kill three enemies with a Dog Mode Powerup bark blast 10
"You're Toast" "You're Toast" 0 Roast five enemies in one firewall shot 10
Death From Above Death From Above 0 Kill an enemy by landing on its head 10
Wild Pitch Wild Pitch 0 Kill five enemies in one level with the Excalibat special attack 10
Painting The Walls Painting The Walls 0 Gib an enemy while under the influence of the Shrooms Mode Powerdown 10
Greed Is Good Greed Is Good 0 Get an extra life by collecting Ankhs 10
"Fool Me Once..." "Fool Me Once..." 0 Kill a Lightning Guard who previously played dead 10