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Lethis - Path of Progress Achievements

Full list of Lethis - Path of Progress achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Lethis - Path of Progress has 25 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Fragile foundations Fragile foundations 0 100 houses withered by time, all cities together. 10
Voralberg Voralberg 0 You’ve built 50 Automaton factories, all cities together. 30
Town Planner Town Planner 0 You’ve built 5.000 buildings, all cities together (excluding roads, bridges and roadblocks). 10
The Silk Road The Silk Road 0 You've exported a total of 100.000 units of silk, all cities together. 40
Semper Fidelis Semper Fidelis 0 You responded to 20 of the Emperor’s requests, all cities together. 100
Cheers ! Cheers ! 0 You've exported 100.000 units of alcohol (Absinthe or beer), all cities together. 40
Tabula Rasa Tabula Rasa 0 You destroyed 1.000 buildings, all cities together. 10
Something strange in the neighbourhood... Something strange in the neighbourhood... 0 500 houses have been exorcised, all cities together. 10
Path of Progress Path of Progress 0 You built over 10.000 box tiles of road, all cities together. 10
Plebeians, plebeians everywhere ! Plebeians, plebeians everywhere ! 0 Your unemployment rate went over 50 % (with a population over 2000 inhabitants). 30
Antoine Parmentier. Antoine Parmentier. 0 80.000 potatoes harvested in one harvest, congratulations ! 100
Newbie Newbie 0 You completed the campaign. 100
Well, that was educational ! Well, that was educational ! 0 You completed the tutorial missions. 10
Navicide Navicide 0 You captured 20.000 faes in one game. 10
Fish n' Chips Fish n' Chips 0 You produced 20.000 units of fish and 20.000 units of potato during one game. 10
Tree hugger Tree hugger 0 You completed a mission without cutting down trees or bushes (outside tutorial missions). 30
Master Architect Master Architect 0 You built the four monuments during a sandbox game. 40
Green fingers Green fingers 0 You built each type of farm during one game. 30
Steam-powered city Steam-powered city 0 You’ve built 25 steam-powered buildings during one game. 30
Enough is enough Enough is enough 0 You’ve witnessed your very first revolt. 30
It’s home from work we go It’s home from work we go 0 You have 7 functioning mines in one city. 10
Rebellion Rebellion 0 You didn’t respond to 20 of the Emperor’s requests, all cities together. 100

Secret Achievements

I’m all ears I’m all ears 0 You’ve listened to 100 pedestrians, in all your cities together. 10
One small step for a man One small step for a man 0 You responded to 3 scientific requests during Chapter 24. 100
Power to the people Power to the people 0 You’ve experienced a revolt during the month of Germinal. 100