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Don't Be Afraid Achievements

Full list of Don't Be Afraid achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Don't Be Afraid has 25 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Diligent student Diligent student 0 Complete the tutorial 25
Into the dark Into the dark 0 Go calmly through the darkness 25
Ugly mouth! Ugly mouth! 0 Escape the monster from the basement 40
A friendly child A friendly child 0 Help find the missing piece of the puzzle 25
Jack-In-The-Box Jack-In-The-Box 0 Listen to the friendly melody 25
And one more! And one more! 0 Attend a party on the third floor 25
A land of toys A land of toys 0 Find the land of toys 40
Carnival Carnival 0 Escape from Theodor 25
Lever puzzle Lever puzzle 0 Lever puzzle 40
This is the end This is the end 0 Reach the end credits 60
Mama's Boy Mama's Boy 0 Unlock the Mother Ending 60
Run for the hills Run for the hills 0 Unlock the Escape Ending 60
Eternal Sleep Eternal Sleep 0 Unlock the Death Ending 60
Time Traveller Time Traveller 0 Unlock all of the available endings. 60
Old Friend Old Friend 0 Give Jamie the lost bunny. 40
Kitten lover Kitten lover 0 Go down the stairs, to see the kittens. 25
May God have mercy upon his soul May God have mercy upon his soul 0 Help the captured policeman 40
Freezing Cold Freezing Cold 0 Fail to escape the cold room. 50
One man's treasure... Can be yours One man's treasure... Can be yours 0 Keep the lost bunny. 40
Welcome to the Carnival! Welcome to the Carnival! 0 Accept the gift from Theodor. 40
Don't Be Afraid! Don't Be Afraid! 0 Die... For the first time. 25
Madhouse Madhouse 0 Get killed by each of Franklin's monstrosities. 40
Bad Trip Bad Trip 0 Survive the hallucinations prepared by Theodor. 25
Peekaboo Peekaboo 0 Look for the hidden doll. 40
Little Artist Little Artist 0 Find all of the drawings scattered around the house. 65