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Gem Wizards Tactics Achievements

Full list of Gem Wizards Tactics achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Gem Wizards Tactics has 12 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Gem Tactician Gem Tactician 0 You've cleared the Tutorial. Now, liberate your people in Campaign Mode - or try a Custom Game! 10
Chicken Dinner Chicken Dinner 0 NAILED IT! If you can win one match, you can win two... 15
A Hero and a Scholar A Hero and a Scholar 0 Alright! By this point, you're starting to figure out some very cool combos, I'll bet. 25
The Longest Haul The Longest Haul 0 Played 100 matches?! Already!? 155
Ranked Adept Ranked Adept 0 Won a Rank 5 match! 45
Ranked Regular Ranked Regular 0 Stuff's getting really spicy around rank 10 - but a little spice can't stop you! 75
Ranked Veteran Ranked Veteran 0 I think at this point you're actually better than the designer! Go rub it in his face! 125
Ranked Master Ranked Master 0 Right now, Rank 20 is as hard as Gem Wizard Tactics knows how to get! 200
Campaign Apprentice Campaign Apprentice 0 You traveled across the land, fighting battles, knowing love and loss, and emerged victorious! 35
Campaign Wizard Campaign Wizard 0 You proved yourself a genuine (or maybe GEMuine?) Wizard, leading your people to liberation! 55
Campaign Archmage Campaign Archmage 0 You've mastered the Gem Wizards Tactics campaign mode! But there are more factions... 100
Campaign Grandmaster Campaign Grandmaster 0 You have truly MASTERED the Gem Wizards Tactics Campaign Mode... at least with this faction! 160