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Demon Hunter: Ascendance Achievements

Full list of Demon Hunter: Ascendance achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Demon Hunter: Ascendance has 22 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

On your Own On your Own 0 Complete a Hidden Object Puzzle without a Hint. 60
Impeccable Impeccable 0 Complete a Hidden Object Puzzle without a mistake. 60
Devoted Seeker Devoted Seeker 0 Complete a Hidden Object Puzzle in less than a minute. 60
Clairvoyant Clairvoyant 0 Finish 3 Hidden Object Puzzles without a Hint. 50
Quick on the Draw Quick on the Draw 0 Complete a Minigames in less than a minute. 60
Smart as a Whip Smart as a Whip 0 Complete 5 Minigames without skipping them. 60
Puzzle Hunter Superstar Puzzle Hunter Superstar 0 Finish all the Minigames without skipping them. 80
Seeker Seeker 0 Find one Collectible. 50
Librarian Librarian 0 Collect all the Collectible Scrolls. 60
Shapeless Shapeless 0 Find one Morphing Item. 50
Collector Collector 0 Find all Collectibles. 80
Revelation Revelation 0 Find out the truth. 30
Victim Seeker Victim Seeker 0 Find the missing tourist. 30
Superstar Superstar 0 Become a star of a reality TV Show. 30
Cat whisperer Cat whisperer 0 Tame the Cat. 30
Survivor Survivor 0 Patch yourself up. 30
Eyewitness Eyewitness 0 Share the knowledge with the police. 30
Sixth Sense Sixth Sense 0 Find the proof of demonic presence. 30
Teamwork Teamwork 0 Accept help from an unexpected ally. 30
Secrets Revealed Secrets Revealed 0 Learn the origin of the demon' s presence. 30
Demon Hunter Supreme Demon Hunter Supreme 0 Vanquish the Demon. 30
Demon Absolver Demon Absolver 0 Absolve a soul from the Demon. 30