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PowerSlave Exhumed Achievements

Full list of PowerSlave Exhumed achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

PowerSlave Exhumed has 20 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

King of the World King of the World 0 Get the good ending 100
Life in Ruins Life in Ruins 0 Get the bad ending 25
Tomb Raider Tomb Raider 0 Find a team doll 50
Treasure Hunter Extraordinaire Treasure Hunter Extraordinaire 0 Find all 31 team dolls 100
Walk Like an Egyptian Walk Like an Egyptian 0 Acquire the Sandals of Ikumptet 25
Aqua Lungs Aqua Lungs 0 Acquire Sobek's Mask 25
Leap of Faith Leap of Faith 0 Acquire the Shawl of Isis 25
Achilles Heel No More Achilles Heel No More 0 Acquire the Protective Anklets 25
What's Yours is Mine What's Yours is Mine 0 Acquire the Kilmaat Scepter 25
Light as a Feather Light as a Feather 0 Acquire the Horus Feather 25
Lord of Death Lord of Death 0 Defeat Set 50
The Scorpion Queen The Scorpion Queen 0 Defeat Selkis 50
Bug Off! Bug Off! 0 Defeat the Kilmaat Queen 75
Fearless Warrior Fearless Warrior 0 Complete the game on Hard difficulty 50
Godlike Warrior Godlike Warrior 0 Complete the game on Pharaoh difficulty 100
No-lifer No-lifer 0 Complete the game on any difficulty without collecting any ankhs 75
Now You're Playing With Power Now You're Playing With Power 0 Acquire a weapon boost powerup 25
I Meant To Do That I Meant To Do That 0 Kill an enemy without using any weapons 50
Last Resort Last Resort 0 Kill the Lava Mantis with just the machete 50
Life of the Gods Life of the Gods 0 Collect all 5 health ankhs 50