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Sea of Thieves: Season Five Achievements

Full list of Sea of Thieves: Season Five achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Sea of Thieves: Season Five has 10 achievements worth 300 gamerscore

Stolen Secrets Stolen Secrets 0 You stole a Map Bundle from another crew. 10
Who Needs A Bigger Boat? Who Needs A Bigger Boat? 0 You attacked a Megalodon or Kraken using a Cannon Rowboat. 15
Night-Time Spectacular Night-Time Spectacular 0 You set off a display of three or more fireworks at night. 15
Tribute Seat Tribute Seat 0 You took a seat upon the throne during the 'Shores of Gold' Tall Tale. 15
Sleepover Sleepover 0 You slept in a bed aboard another crew's ship. 15
Critical Roll Critical Roll 0 You rolled a natural 20 using the Roll a D20 Emote. 20
Hider of Secret Treasures Hider of Secret Treasures 0 You buried treasures for safekeeping. 30
Master Cartographer Master Cartographer 0 You donated Treasure Stash maps to a Quest Board. 30
Seeker of Pirate Plunder Seeker of Pirate Plunder 0 You uncovered valuable treasures buried by other pirate crews. 50
Beholder of Buried Treasures Beholder of Buried Treasures 0 You completed all Buried Treasures Commendations. 100

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