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Besiege Console Achievements

Full list of Besiege Console achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Besiege Console has 29 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

A Swift Siege A Swift Siege 0 Completed a campaign level under 2 seconds 20
The Handyman The Handyman 0 Completed a campaign level with under 3 blocks 20
Thunderstruck Thunderstruck 0 Got hit by lightning 20
Pyromaniac Pyromaniac 0 Set yourself on fire 20
All Under Control All Under Control 0 Put out a burning block using water 20
Freezing Frontier Freezing Frontier 0 Reached enough altitude to freeze your machine 20
Carnage Carnage 0 Defeated 1000 AI units 20
Raw Fodder Raw Fodder 0 Beat Queens Fodder without using fire or explosives 20
Piloting 101 Piloting 101 0 Beat Scouts of Tolbrynd without cannons, flamethrowers or crossbows 50
Exceptional Thief Exceptional Thief 0 Stole the Duke's knowledge in under 2 minutes 20
Professional Hunchback Professional Hunchback 0 Rang all 3 Awakening Bells at the same time 50
Who Needs A Mechanic? Who Needs A Mechanic? 0 Beat the Consumed King without using mechanical blocks 20
Barely Standing Barely Standing 0 Completed Standing Stone without using armor 20
Birbecue Birbecue 0 Beat the Southern Shrine by primarily using fire to kill the birds 50
Anti-Aircraft Anti-Aircraft 0 Destroyed the Duke's freighters without flying blocks 30
Bomb Battlefield Bomb Battlefield 0 Beat Old Howl Battlefield while having blown up all the bombs 40
The Rube Goldberg Machine The Rube Goldberg Machine 0 Completed Perimeter Wall without pressing a key 40
Rube Goldberg, Rolling Rocks Rube Goldberg, Rolling Rocks 0 Completed Old Mining Site without pressing a key 40
Through and Through Through and Through 0 Completed the Mountain Barrier without explosives 20
Like Clockwork Like Clockwork 0 Completed the Revolving Monolith without using Grabbers 20
Dodger Dodger 0 Completed Towering Eye without ever being hit 20
Tree Hugger Tree Hugger 0 Completed Tree of Akhmora without using Crossbows, Cannons and Explosives 20
Atlas' Challenge Atlas' Challenge 0 Lifted the boulder in Stock Tower 10 units off the ground 50
Demolition Expert Demolition Expert 0 Completed Kahraz Village without using cannons, crossbows, drills or saws 50
Lord of the Lyre Lord of the Lyre 0 Conquered Ipsilon 50
Duke of the Skies Duke of the Skies 0 Conquered Tolbrynd 60
The Frozen Monarch The Frozen Monarch 0 Conquered Valfross 60
Emperor of Sand Emperor of Sand 0 Conquered Krolmar 60
Conqueror Conqueror 0 Completed the Campaign 70