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Outbreak: Contagious Memories Achievements

Full list of Outbreak: Contagious Memories achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Outbreak: Contagious Memories has 25 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

You Died You Died 0 You died. 40
Always Recycle Always Recycle 0 Repaired a weapon. 40
Weaponsmith Weaponsmith 0 Upgraded a weapon. 40

Secret Achievements

That Old Familiar Feeling That Old Familiar Feeling 0 Met a fellow survivor and started your journey. 40
Time For Payback Time For Payback 0 Secured a powerful weapon to battle the undead. 40
Experience The Nightlife Experience The Nightlife 0 Reached the city streets overflowing with the undead. 40
Classic Safe Room Classic Safe Room 0 Took refuge underground and reunited with a friend. 40
Dine And Ash Dine And Ash 0 Located a friend and became besieged by the undead. 40
Employee Parking Employee Parking 0 Reached the parking garage. 40
Direct Feed Direct Feed 0 Built a plan to infiltrate the underground. 40
Use The Facilities Use The Facilities 0 Reached a not so safe, safe room. 40
Getting Steamy Getting Steamy 0 Ran into a dear friend, and a deadly situation. 40
Backtracking Backtracking 0 Got sent to run some errands. Time for backtracking! 40
Chop Til You Drop Chop Til You Drop 0 Reached the supermarket. 40
Welcome Back Welcome Back 0 Returned to your opening hour. 40
Boulder Dash Boulder Dash 0 Reached the underground caverns. 40
Escape Vector Escape Vector 0 Reached the final subway platform. 40
Cash On Delivery Cash On Delivery 0 Delivered all parts to repair the subway train. 40
All Out War All Out War 0 Defended your compatriots as they repaired the subway train. 40
An Evil Resides An Evil Resides 0 Escaped via the subway train. 40
Silent Hell Silent Hell 0 Completed the story. 40
The Mercenaries The Mercenaries 0 Unlocked Operation: Rabid Wolf. 40
Help Me Help Me 0 Rescued a survivor in Operation: Rabid Wolf. 40
The Gun Survivor The Gun Survivor 0 Survived Operation: Rabid Wolf. 40
Clock Terror Clock Terror 0 Completed Story Mode in 2 hours 30 minutes or less. 40