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What Lies in the Multiverse Achievements

Full list of What Lies in the Multiverse achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

What Lies in the Multiverse has 42 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

The young, the old, and the hat The young, the old, and the hat 0 Complete the Prologue 10
Unstable Unstable 0 Complete Chapter 1 10
The voyagers The voyagers 0 Complete Chapter 2 10
Old friends, new enemies Old friends, new enemies 0 Complete Chapter 3 10
Under the spotlight Under the spotlight 0 Complete Chapter 4 10
Poisoned Poisoned 0 Complete Chapter 5 10
What is your place? What is your place? 0 Complete Chapter 6 10
Who we are Who we are 0 Complete Chapter 7 15
In albis In albis 0 Complete Chapter 8 15
Chaos theory Chaos theory 0 Finish the game 90
Newton's law Newton's law 0 Die by falling from a long distance 15
SPLAT! SPLAT! 0 Get crushed by a box 15
Tiny lungs Tiny lungs 0 Die by drowning 15
Instruction Unclear Instruction Unclear 0 Get shot by the bartender 15
Take me home Take me home 0 Die by jumping off the train 15
Heaven's door Heaven's door 0 Get crushed by a sliding door 15
If drowning wasn't enough If drowning wasn't enough 0 Get pulled away by the river's current 15
Oxygen not included Oxygen not included 0 Die by poisoning 15
Pro gamer move Pro gamer move 0 Die by been hit by a laser 15
My planet needs me My planet needs me 0 Die by falling up into the sky 15
You died You died 0 Die in every possible way 90
Zen zone Zen zone 0 Sit in Heis' lap 15
Dear Julian Dear Julian 0 Fully listen to the grandma's story. 30
King Douchebag King Douchebag 0 Listen to all dialogs with Everett at the campfire 30
One too many One too many 0 Complete the optional puzzle. 15
Gambling problem Gambling problem 0 Wait for Everett at the casino 15
A great performance A great performance 0 "Finish" Barres' play. 15
*****, Money, Catnip *****, Money, Catnip 0 Watch how Erwin is doing by themselves. 15
HONK HONK 0 Meet the goose 15
Child Trauma unlocked Child Trauma unlocked 0 Use Everett's voyager by yourself 15
What lies in the mind What lies in the mind 0 Read all Everett's diary 30
The assistant The assistant 0 Read all Ez's logs 30
Timeless memories Timeless memories 0 Watch all the recordings in Everett's studio 30
Philadelphia Experiment Philadelphia Experiment 0 Get trapped inside a wall. 15
Multiversal Motion Sickness Multiversal Motion Sickness 0 Get dizzy by switching universes too fast. 15
The first of many The first of many 0 Find your first memory. 15
Butter Fingers Butter Fingers 0 Break 15 pickable boxes. 30
Button-presser Button-presser 0 Succeed at one QTE 15
Button-pressing Master Button-pressing Master 0 Succeed at both QTE 15
Take your time Take your time 0 Sit in all benches 90
Stories from the multiverse. Stories from the multiverse. 0 Find all the hidden memories. 90
Multiple possibilities Multiple possibilities 0 Watch the alternative ending 30