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Air Missions: HIND Achievements

Find all the Air Missions: HIND achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 11 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Mi-8 Mi-8 "Hip" killer 0 Destroy at least 5 helicopters in Mi-8 helicopter battle (instant action) 80
Central Asia city captured Central Asia city captured 0 Capture the city in central Asia (Campaign mode) 100
Second evacuation completed Second evacuation completed 0 Evacuate the soldiers from the rooftop in Eastern Europe (Campaign mode) 100
Campaign completed Campaign completed 0 Complete all Campaign missions 100
Co-op player Co-op player 0 Play and complete at least one co-op mission 80
Multiplayer ace Multiplayer ace 0 Shoot down 10 helicopter in deathmatch or team-deathmatch 100
Terror from the sky Terror from the sky 0 Kill 100 ground soldiers in any mode 100
AT-2 user AT-2 user 0 Destroy tank with AT-2 guided missile 80
Rockets master Rockets master 0 Shoot down helicopter with an S-5 Rocket on distance greater than 100 meters in singleplayer 100
Night Wolf Night Wolf 0 Complete Instant Action - Clear City during night 80
Instant Actions Completed Instant Actions Completed 0 Complete all instant action missions 80