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Chinatown Detective Agency Achievements

Full list of Chinatown Detective Agency achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Chinatown Detective Agency has 16 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Down The Rabbit Hole Down The Rabbit Hole 0 Finished the first three missions. 50
The Fixer The Fixer 0 You've chosen to work with Rupert full time 50
The Tigress The Tigress 0 You've chosen to work with Tiger Lily full time 50
The Reformer The Reformer 0 You've chosen to work with Keeran full time 50
Thieves in the Night Thieves in the Night 0 Finished Rupert's case 50
Sibling Rivalry Sibling Rivalry 0 Finished Tiger Lily's case 50
Hostile Takeover Hostile Takeover 0 Finished Keeran's case 50
The Fall of Man The Fall of Man 0 You've Shoot Kon 50
Did You Try Turning It Off And On Again? Did You Try Turning It Off And On Again? 0 Destroyed Propsero 50
Father And Son Father And Son 0 Convinced Kon to turn off Prospero 50
Ace Ace 0 You're simply the best 150
The Veteran Detective The Veteran Detective 0 Good enough 125
Hardboiled Hardboiled 0 Could be better 75
Frequent Flyer Frequent Flyer 0 Took a total of 30 flights 50
The Tourist The Tourist 0 Visited 12 different cities 50
Not Bad, Gumshoe Not Bad, Gumshoe 0 Finished a game without Mei Ting's help 50