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NORCO Achievements

Full list of NORCO achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

NORCO has 35 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Act 1 Act 1 0 You finished Act 1. 25
Act 2 Act 2 0 You finished Act 2. 50
Congrats :( Congrats :( 0 You finished the game. 100
Dim Illumination Dim Illumination 0 You unlocked 25% of nodes in the mind map. 25
Black Ink of the Mind Black Ink of the Mind 0 You unlocked 50% of nodes in the mind map. 50
Master of Confusion Master of Confusion 0 You unlocked all nodes in the mind map. 100
Class Traitor Class Traitor 0 You knocked out Troy. 20
JOY JOY 0 You equipped the JOY bolo tie. 20
Pawpaw's Sprinkle Pawpaw's Sprinkle 0 Pawpaw relieved himself. 10
Primal Stare Primal Stare 0 You won the staring contest with Monkey. 20
Carnival Pig Carnival Pig 0 You gave the pigman Mardi Gras beads. 20
Garrett Drip Garrett Drip 0 You put on an itchy, foul-smelling shirt that you found in an abandoned mall. Nice. 20
Meter Meter 0 You got the meter from the researchers at the fishing camp. 20
Showgoer's Tale Showgoer's Tale 0 You listened to the entirety of Showgoer's Tale. 20
Gatorcase Gatorcase 0 You found the alligator phone case. 20
Will you make it out alive? Will you make it out alive? 0 You unlocked the "Will You Make It Out Alive?" reading. 20
HO HO HO HO HO HO 0 You got downers from Santa Claus. 20
Forget It Forget It 0 You deleted all of Catherine's memories. 20
Orphan's Knock Orphan's Knock 0 You failed to knock on the door at the fishing camp 5 or more times. 20
Fake ring Fake ring 0 You found Catherine's ring. 20
Wet Monkey Wet Monkey 0 You found wet Monkey. 20

Secret Achievements

Cats and Dogs Cats and Dogs 0 You launched Crouton with Pots. 20
Full of Grace Full of Grace 0 You recited the Hail Mary correctly. 20
Félicette Félicette 0 You launched Crouton. 60
Family Reunion Family Reunion 0 You recruited Blake and your dead mom. 50
LeBluggalo LeBluggalo 0 LeBlanc is all clowned up. 20
Bye Bye Brucey Bye Bye Brucey 0 You convinced Bruce to leave his post at the Ark. 50
Haunt Your Lonely Days Haunt Your Lonely Days 0 You read Laura St. Claire's letter. 20
Bayou Boss Bayou Boss 0 You steered the boat without taking damage once. 20
Network Trouble Network Trouble 0 You returned the meter to researchers with moderate reading. 20
Terminal Network Meltdown Terminal Network Meltdown 0 You returned the meter to researchers with extreme reading. 20
Like Pawpaw! Like Pawpaw! Like Pawpaw! Like Pawpaw! 0 You gave False Pawpaw John's head. 10
Metairie Angels Metairie Angels 0 You spoke to Gus with the Metairie Angels phonecase equipped. 20
Ditch Man Dead Ditch Man Dead 0 You showed John's head to the patriot. 10
Mister Monkey Man Mister Monkey Man 0 You gave wet Monkey to Bruce. 20