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Paper Cut Mansion Achievements

Full list of Paper Cut Mansion achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Paper Cut Mansion has 26 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

We All Die We All Die 0 You Died for the first time 10
Get Used To It Get Used To It 0 You Died 10 times 15
Is THAT what happened? Is THAT what happened? 0 You have completed Normal Mode 30
Is THAT what REALLY happened? Is THAT what REALLY happened? 0 You have completed Hard Mode 30
Seriously, that's the end? Seriously, that's the end? 0 You have completed Very Hard Mode 80
Every Possible Scenario Every Possible Scenario 0 You have unlocked all 27 Endings 100
Soldier Soldier 0 You have defeated 10 enemies 15
Champion Champion 0 You have defeated 100 enemies 30
Master Master 0 You have defeated 500 enemies 80
Hat Man Hat Man 0 You have defeated the Hat Man 30
Gear Up Gear Up 0 You have unlocked an Equipment Card 30
All The Tools All The Tools 0 You have unlocked all Equipment Cards 80
Investigating Investigating 0 You have unlocked an Evidence Piece 30
The Whole Picture The Whole Picture 0 You have unlocked All the Evidence 80
Exorcist Exorcist 0 You have unlocked Father Papotto 30
Take a Break Take a Break 0 You have unlocked the Vending Machine 30
Falling Down The Hatch Falling Down The Hatch 0 You have reached Floor2 30
Working Hard Working Hard 0 You have reached Floor3 30
I Am Ready I Am Ready 0 You have reached Floor4 30
Bad Things Happen Bad Things Happen 0 You have reached Floor5 30
Making Progress Making Progress 0 You have reached Floor6 30
Fat Wallet Fat Wallet 0 You have gained 1000 coins 30
Experienced Lockpicker Experienced Lockpicker 0 You have solved 50 locks 30
Junior Riddler Junior Riddler 0 You have solved a Riddle 30
Perfect Pitch Perfect Pitch 0 You have solved a Musical Lock 30
Good Samaritan Good Samaritan 0 You have gained a Medal 30