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NeonLore Achievements

Full list of NeonLore achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

NeonLore has 12 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Gamer Boy: TODD STANSHALL Gamer Boy: TODD STANSHALL 0 Real world? Eaw! Let the games reign... 100
Requiem For Existence Requiem For Existence 0 If only Albert Camus would walk these neon soaked streets... 100
Ex Virologist: AMY BARNES Ex Virologist: AMY BARNES 0 Don’t hesitate let’s vaccinate... 100
Elixir Vitae Elixir Vitae 0 Read all about the virus...if that's not enough... 100
Security Operator: KIM DASH Security Operator: KIM DASH 0 My personal your meta-verse 100
Binary Breach Binary Breach 0 Listen to the nightmares of the security wars... 100
Politician: DRAKE AVISON Politician: DRAKE AVISON 0 Vote Drake Avison for a better future 100
Revolt of the Synthetics Revolt of the Synthetics 0 Don't be afraid of future robots, be afraid of morons... 100
Municipality Worker: LISA RAMIREZ Municipality Worker: LISA RAMIREZ 0 Sewer rat taste the same under neon lights... 50
Undercover Detective: VANYA DRAYTON Undercover Detective: VANYA DRAYTON 0 Just a high-tech hooker protector 50
Artist: KOGO MIKO Artist: KOGO MIKO 0 Can you draw a picture of me? 50
Paranoid Journalist: NICOLE KAWAGAMI Paranoid Journalist: NICOLE KAWAGAMI 0 This just in! Watch me while I debunk... 50