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Castle Formers Achievements

Full list of Castle Formers achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Castle Formers has 11 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

The Craftsman The Craftsman 0 Survive until Day 2 and receive the Craftsman. 90
The Oilman The Oilman 0 Survive until Day 3 and receive the Oilman. 90
The Witch The Witch 0 Survive until Day 4 and receive the Witch. 90
The Catapult Soldiers The Catapult Soldiers 0 Survive until Day 5 and receive the Catapult Soldiers. 90
The Mages The Mages 0 Survive until Day 6 and receive the Mages. 90
The Bow Chief The Bow Chief 0 Survive until Day 7 and receive the Bow Chief. 90
You have my SPEAR You have my SPEAR 0 Train a Spear soldier on the Trainer. 90
You have my SWORD You have my SWORD 0 rain a Sword soldier on the Trainer. 90
You have my BOW You have my BOW 0 Train a Bow soldier on the Trainer. 90
High Accuracy High Accuracy 0 Hit 30 times on the training targets. 100
Enemy Smasher Enemy Smasher 0 Defeat 10 enemies. 90