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Dandy & Randy DX Achievements

Full list of Dandy & Randy DX achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Dandy & Randy DX has 17 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Lime Forest Clear! Lime Forest Clear! 0 Defeat Otis the Octopus. 40
Mango Desert Clear! Mango Desert Clear! 0 Defeat Caca The Desert Monster. 90
Dusk Woods Clear! Dusk Woods Clear! 0 Defeat The Dusk Ghost. 90
Amber Mines Clear! Amber Mines Clear! 0 Defeat Natalia No Good. 90
Azure Mountains Clear? Azure Mountains Clear? 0 Defeat The Dig Machine. 90
Tall Bank Clear! Tall Bank Clear! 0 Defeat Edward Tall. 90
The End The End 0 Finish The Game. 90
Bangarang Bangarang 0 Find the Boomerang. 15
Hammer Time Hammer Time 0 Find the Hammer. 15
Hook Me Up Hook Me Up 0 Find the Hookshot. 15
Running In The 90s Running In The 90s 0 Find the Running Shoes. 15
Gold Digger Gold Digger 0 Find 15 hidden coins on a single level. 30
Boom Boom Dollar Boom Boom Dollar 0 Get at least $1000 (total). 30
Money, Money, Money Money, Money, Money 0 Get at least $5000 (total). 30
Sultans of Swing Sultans of Swing 0 Get at least $7500 (total). 90
Friendship Update Friendship Update 0 Unlock Sally. 90
Friendship Station Friendship Station 0 Unlock Molly. 90