Starpoint Gemini 2 Achievements

Little Green Men Games
Little Green Men Games

There are 26 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Overly Overt Overkill Overly Overt Overkill 0 Destroy an enemy with full shields and hull in less than 3 seconds 0
No more heroes No more heroes 0 Destroy all heroes in a single playthrough 0
Ground zero Ground zero 0 Collide with a planet 100
Who wants to be a ... Who wants to be a ... 0 Gain 10 million Credits 0
Hitchhiker's Guide Hitchhiker's Guide 0 Explore the entire Gemini system 100
Manic Mechanic Manic Mechanic 0 Enhance every possible ship system on a single ship 100
Spacehopper Spacehopper 0 Jump through a wormhole 0
What? It's not like they need it anymore What? It's not like they need it anymore 0 Loot a derelict 0
Catch the wave dude Catch the wave dude 0 Jump using T-Drive 60
Swashbuckler Swashbuckler 0 Capture a ship 0
Gratuitous Gunner Gratuitous Gunner 0 Deal 500,000 damage points 0
Amazing Asteroid Annihilator Amazing Asteroid Annihilator 0 Mine 500 asteroids 100
Shipping Magnate Shipping Magnate 0 Have 10 or more ships stored at the Garage at the same time 0
Freelancer Freelancer 0 Solve 20 freelance missions 100
Down to the wire Down to the wire 0 Survive a battle with less than 5% hull points remaining 100
Storyteller Storyteller 0 Finish the main storyline 0
Tomb raider Tomb raider 0 Gather all artefacts 0
You da boss! You da boss! 0 Control 2 mercenary ships and 3 fighter squadrons at the same time 0
No galaxy for old men	No galaxy for old men 0 Destroy 15 veterans 100
Homewrecker Homewrecker 0 Complete At an Empire's end 100
Red Baron in space Red Baron in space 0 Destroy 100 ships 0
Rebel strike Rebel strike 0 Destrpy 10 Empire ships 0
Prison break Prison break 0 Successfully raid an Off-world prison with your troops 0
Gemini barbecue Gemini barbecue 0 Buy a shipment of meat and Hogwash and then fly into a sun 'till you ship almost pops 100
Coup de grâce Coup de grâce 0 Complete Two Faced 20
There and back again There and back again 0 Complete Giant Leap 20