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RiffTrax: The Game Achievements

Full list of RiffTrax: The Game achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

RiffTrax: The Game has 30 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

First Time Writer First Time Writer 0 Write your first riff in Write-a-Riff mode. 10
First Time Picker First Time Picker 0 Pick your first riff in Pick-a-Riff mode. 10
Don't Be A Bungle Don't Be A Bungle 0 Receive no votes in a round. 10
Hi, Bob Executive! Hi, Bob Executive! 0 Receive all of the votes in a round. 40
More Dangerous Than Dynamite! More Dangerous Than Dynamite! 0 Win every round of a game! 40
No Character Limit No Character Limit 0 Win a round with a riff that is at least 90 characters long. 20
Word Mincer Word Mincer 0 Win a round with a one word answer. 20
Foley Artist Foley Artist 0 Use a sound effect in your riff in Write-a-Riff mode. 20
Aspiring Writer Aspiring Writer 0 Complete a game in Write-a-Riff mode. 20
Aspiring Picker Aspiring Picker 0 Complete a game in Pick-a-Riff mode. 20
Decuple! Decuple! 0 Finish a game with the maximum number of rounds. 30
QuickTrax QuickTrax 0 Submit a riff within 5 seconds. 20
LateTrax LateTrax 0 Submit a riff at the last second. 20
The Riffing Turkey The Riffing Turkey 0 Win three games in a row. 50
Explicit Choice Explicit Choice 0 Play a game with the Bad Word Filter on. 10
The Norman Krasner The Norman Krasner 0 Receive no votes for an entire game. 20
Synchronicity Synchronicity 0 Multiple players enter the same riff in a round. 20
Onomatopoeia Onomatopoeia 0 Submit a riff in Write-a-Riff mode that's only sound effects. 20
Self-Plagiarism Self-Plagiarism 0 Win more than one round of a game using the same riff. 50
Professional Jokes Professional Jokes 0 Use "Get New Riffs" within a Pick-a-Riff game. 20
The Ole Double Deuce The Ole Double Deuce 0 Win a game with double the points of second place. 40
Have A Roni Have A Roni 0 Win a game after being in last place at the start of the final round. 50
Super Traxian Super Traxian 0 Play five games 30
Ultra Traxian Ultra Traxian 0 Play ten games 100
Tobor is Robot spelled backwards Tobor is Robot spelled backwards 0 Vote for the Riff Bot's riff. 50
Disembaudio's Revenge Disembaudio's Revenge 0 The Riff Bot wins a game. 70
RiffTrax Party! RiffTrax Party! 0 Play two games in a row with the same players 20
Friends Through Eternity Friends Through Eternity 0 Play five games in a row with the same players. 100
Verbal Communication Made Easy! Verbal Communication Made Easy! 0 Submit a riff using a non-English text to speech language. 50
Leave it to the Professionals Leave it to the Professionals 0 Use the "Riff For Me" option in every round of Write-a-Riff mode. 20