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Flewfie's Adventure Achievements

Full list of Flewfie's Adventure achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Flewfie's Adventure has 50 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Ooo shiny! Ooo shiny! 0 Opened a Treasure Chest 10
Save me! Blop! Save me! Blop! 0 Rescued a Bundrop 10
Level One? No problem Level One? No problem 0 Completed the first level 10
Looking Fabulous! Looking Fabulous! 0 Changed Flewfie's outfit using Bunn Bunn's Mirror 10
Rift Destroyer! Rift Destroyer! 0 Destroyed a rift 10
Tinker Station Now Open! Tinker Station Now Open! 0 Rescued Tinka 10
Mmmmmm Cake... Mmmmmm Cake... 0 Delivered Carrot Cake to Bunn Bunn 10
Where's my Fizz? Where's my Fizz? 0 Delivered all Bubs to Soda Pop 10
Tasty Soup Tasty Soup 0 Delivered the missing Ingredients to Soup Demon 10
Time Stands Still Time Stands Still 0 Delivered all missing Cogs to Clock Bot 10
Time to Shrink! Time to Shrink! 0 Delivered Shrinking Potion to Scientist Snail 10
Long Lost Friend Long Lost Friend 0 Reunited the friends in the Crystal Plains 10
Give me Coffee! Give me Coffee! 0 Delivered the Crystal Cup to Pinky Panda 10
Leaf Dragon Leaf Dragon 0 Defeated the Leaf Dragon 10
Bratty Sprout Bratty Sprout 0 Defeated Bratty Sprout 10
Grove Spirit Grove Spirit 0 Defeated the Grove Spirit 10
Gumball Guardian Gumball Guardian 0 Defeated the Gumball Guardian 10
Toxic Bat Toxic Bat 0 Defeated the Toxic Bat 10
Rotten Ruler Rotten Ruler 0 Defeated the Rotten Ruler 10
Shadow Lurker Shadow Lurker 0 Defeated the Shadow Lurker 10
Blaze Blaze 0 Defeated Blaze 10
Desert Dweller Desert Dweller 0 Defeated the Desert Dweller 10
The Keeper The Keeper 0 Defeated The Keeper 10
Gloom Goyle Gloom Goyle 0 Defeated the Gloom Goyle 10
Glitch Bot Glitch Bot 0 Defeated Glitch Bot 10
Chrono Chrono 0 Defeated Chrono 10
Cosmic Jelly Cosmic Jelly 0 Defeated the Cosmic Jelly 10
Ruri Ruri 0 Defeated Ruri 10
Roze Roze 0 Defeated Roze 10
Crystelledra Crystelledra 0 Defeated Crystelledra 50
Super Stylin' Super Stylin' 0 Unlocked all Items 100
Explorer of Cutemellow! Explorer of Cutemellow! 0 100% completed all levels of Cutemelllow 10
Explorer of the Candyverse! Explorer of the Candyverse! 0 100% completed all levels of the Candyverse 10
Explorer of the Abandopshere Explorer of the Abandopshere 0 100% completed all levels of the Abandosphere 10
Explorer of the Lost Towers Explorer of the Lost Towers 0 100% completed all levels of the Lost Towers 10
Explorer of the Crystal Plains Explorer of the Crystal Plains 0 100% completed all levels of the Crystal Plains 10
Fyued Newcomer Fyued Newcomer 0 Won your first game of Fyued 10
You Win! Huhop! You Win! Huhop! 0 Won a game of Fyued against Glop 10
Full Deck! Full Deck! 0 Collected all Fyued Cards 100
Unstoppable Fyuedist Unstoppable Fyuedist 0 Beaten all Fyued players at a game of Fyued 50
Taking out the trash Taking out the trash 0 Defeated 100 monsters 10
Bring it on! Bring it on! 0 Defeated 500 Monsters 10
Monsters? No problem Monsters? No problem 0 Defeated 1000 monsters 10
Attack Dodger Attack Dodger 0 Defeated a boss with out taking damage 50
Getting Stronger Getting Stronger 0 Levelled Flewfie up to level 25 10
One Powerful Cat! One Powerful Cat! 0 Levelled Flewfie up to Level 50 50
Easy Peasy! Easy Peasy! 0 Completed the game on Easy difficulty 20
Normal Mode, Complete! Normal Mode, Complete! 0 Completed the game on Normal Difficulty 50
Don't Mess With Me! Don't Mess With Me! 0 Completed the game on Hard difficulty 100
Healing Hearts? No Thanks Healing Hearts? No Thanks 0 Completed a level beyond Cutemellow without healing 30