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Pinku Kult: Hex Mortis Achievements

Full list of Pinku Kult: Hex Mortis achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Pinku Kult: Hex Mortis has 44 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Back To Hell Back To Hell 0 Banished a Demon 10
So Long And Goodnight So Long And Goodnight 0 Exorcised a Demon 10
Blessed With A Curse Blessed With A Curse 0 Summoned a Demon to aid you in battle 10
Kiss It Better Kiss It Better 0 Used a healing item in battle 10
Float Like A Butterfly Float Like A Butterfly 0 Won a fight without taking a single hit 10
Merely A Flesh Wound Merely A Flesh Wound 0 Revived a fallen Party Member 10
Hit 'Em Where It Hurts Hit 'Em Where It Hurts 0 Used a bosses' weakness item against them 10
Budding Hero Budding Hero 0 Won 10 battles 10
Undisputed Champion Undisputed Champion 0 Won 50 battles 50
Show Me The Money! Show Me The Money! 0 Earned £500 10
From Rags To Riches From Rags To Riches 0 Earned £2000 10
Rookie Hunter Rookie Hunter 0 Reached level 10 10
Demon Slayer Demon Slayer 0 Reached level 25 50
Forged In Hellfire Forged In Hellfire 0 Reached level 50 100
Where There's A Will, There's A Way Where There's A Will, There's A Way 0 Use the Blessed Scissors to venture further into the Jorogumo's web 10
A Love Like Fire A Love Like Fire 0 Found the Flames of Heart 10
Heaven's Round The Corner Heaven's Round The Corner 0 Discovered Eden 10
I'm With The Band I'm With The Band 0 Found a VIP pass for the Punku Kira gig 10
Price Of A Star Price Of A Star 0 Paid the Mouse in Limbo 10
The Three Musketeers The Three Musketeers 0 Found 3 Gig Tickets to face Punku Kira with your entire party 10
Jailbreak Jailbreak 0 Released Chairo from the cage 10
Green Thumb Green Thumb 0 Destroyed the plants blocking your path in Go's Garden 10
Play Your Cards Right Play Your Cards Right 0 Successfully solved the Flamingo's Tarot puzzle 10
Time For Tea Time For Tea 0 Successfully solved the Dormouse's time puzzle 10
Curiouser And Curiouser! Curiouser And Curiouser! 0 Solve the Walrus riddle 10
A Glimpse Of The Past A Glimpse Of The Past 0 Collected all of the scattered Storybook pages 10
Budding Cartographer Budding Cartographer 0 Found all dungeon maps 10
Weapon Of The Divine Weapon Of The Divine 0 Received the Lance of Destiny from Felice 100
They're Here! They're Here! 0 Spoke to a Ghost 10
Who You Gunna Call? Who You Gunna Call? 0 Spoke to all Ghosts 100
You Drive Me Crazy You Drive Me Crazy 0 Found and spoke to Shi-chan before confronting her 10
Art Dealer Art Dealer 0 Sold a Treasure to Shiro 10
Passion For Fashion Passion For Fashion 0 Changed your mask to an unlocked mask 10

Secret Achievements

Book Of The Dead Book Of The Dead 0 Found the Hex Mortis 50
I Will Only Love You More I Will Only Love You More 0 Defeated the Demon Nana 10
Love Bites Love Bites 0 Defeated Punku Kira at the Eden gig 10
Date With The Devil Date With The Devil 0 Defeated the Girl in the Fox Mask at the Graveyard 10
Sometimes Dead Is Better Sometimes Dead Is Better 0 Defeated Punku Kira at the Mansion 10
Awake From Dreamland Awake From Dreamland 0 Defeated the Demon Go 10
Twinkle, twinkle, little bat Twinkle, twinkle, little bat 0 Defeated the Demon San 10
Off With Her Head Off With Her Head 0 Defeated the Demon Ichi 10
Oops!...I Did It Again Oops!...I Did It Again 0 Defeated the Demon Shi-chan 50
The Ultimate Sacrifice The Ultimate Sacrifice 0 Your sacrificed yourself to the Hellmouth and destroyed the darkness once and for all! 75
A New Genesis A New Genesis 0 You ignored Fate and held on to the powers! 75