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The Inquisitor Achievements

Full list of The Inquisitor achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

The Inquisitor has 41 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Master Inquisitor Master Inquisitor 0 Collect all achievements. 100
Masquerade king Masquerade king 0 Complete all the tournament tasks. 15
Animals protector Animals protector 0 Release the dog on the merchant's stand. 15
Fencer Fencer 0 Kill the ruffians boss. 15
Nimble as a weasel Nimble as a weasel 0 Perform perfectly all QTEs during the dungeon chase. 35
Iron hand Iron hand 0 Interrogate the innkeeper. 15
Code breaker Code breaker 0 Guess the code to the locker in the sacristy. 15
Master of logic Master of logic 0 Find a way into the cardinal's office. 15
Master of alchemy Master of alchemy 0 Create shersken. 15
Swordsman Swordsman 0 Defeat the brothers Finkelstein. 20
Negotiator Negotiator 0 Retrieve the crossbow from the Small Ruffian without killing him. 15
The power of empathy The power of empathy 0 Console Amelia during the conversation at the cemetery. 15
Excellent perceptiveness Excellent perceptiveness 0 Find the countess's servant's necklace in the Ingvar's workshop. 15
Stalling Master Stalling Master 0 Perform a stalling time conversation perfectly. 15
Dust to dust Dust to dust 0 Stun 10 enemies with shersken. 25
By the Lord’s sword! By the Lord’s sword! 0 Dodge 20 attacks. 30
By the nails and thorns! By the nails and thorns! 0 Perform 20 perfect parries. 30
First Prayer First Prayer 0 Find and light up your first chapel. 15
Living on a Prayer Living on a Prayer 0 Find and light up all chapels in Koenigstein. 30
Farewell, Friend Farewell, Friend 0 Finish the first Unworld. 15
Wayward Woman Wayward Woman 0 Finish the second Unworld. 15
Three Sixes Three Sixes 0 Finish the third Unworld. 15
Madness Festers Madness Festers 0 Finish the fourth Unworld. 15
Blades of Caloga Blades of Caloga 0 Finish the fifth Unworld. 15
The Three Kings The Three Kings 0 Finish the sixth Unworld. 15
This but a Dust, scamp. This but a Dust, scamp. 0 Finish the seventh Unworld. 15
Murk Tamer Murk Tamer 0 Blind the Murk 10 times. 30
Light Hunger Light Hunger 0 Activate Light Wells 10 times. 30
Finders Keepers Finders Keepers 0 Find your first collectable. 15
Avid Collector Avid Collector 0 Find 20 collectables. 30
Lost and Found Lost and Found 0 Find all the collectables. 50
Koenigsteins Guide Koenigsteins Guide 0 Find all the hidden underground entrances. 30
Good Boy Good Boy 0 Pet Friend 10 times. 15

Secret Achievements

Mask of the Merry Executioner from Tiannon. Mask of the Merry Executioner from Tiannon. 0 Defeat the executioner and take his mask. 50
Master interrogator Master interrogator 0 Learn the whole truth during the Jonas's interrogation. 15
Chess master Chess master 0 Defeat the Persian in the game of chess. 15
Slayer of heretics Slayer of heretics 0 Refuse to join the Cult. 15
Fallen Angels killer Fallen Angels killer 0 Defeat the Fallen Angel. 50
Faithful Servant of God Faithful Servant of God 0 Refuse to join the Sabbath. 15
Vampire slayer Vampire slayer 0 Defeat the countess. 50
Savior of mankind Savior of mankind 0 Send the Horsemen of the Apocalypse into the nothingness. 35