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Xuan Yuan Sword VII Achievements

Full list of Xuan Yuan Sword VII achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Xuan Yuan Sword VII has 43 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Peace Disturbed Peace Disturbed 0 Complete mission "Unwelcome Guest" 15
The Desperado The Desperado 0 Complete mission "Sudden Events" 15
Black Tidings Black Tidings 0 Complete mission "Returning Home" 15
Dangerous Deal Dangerous Deal 0 Complete mission "On the Line" 15
A Journey Begins A Journey Begins 0 Complete mission "Retreive Sigil" 15
Breakout Breakout 0 Complete mission "Timely Rescue" 15
New Experience New Experience 0 Complete mission "Mystic Spirits" 15
Reunion Reunion 0 Complete mission "Ruins of Shangmo" 15
Untimely Adversity Untimely Adversity 0 Complete mission "Rampant Plague" 15
Emerged Concern Emerged Concern 0 Complete mission "One Step Away" 15
A Thousand Miles A Thousand Miles 0 Complete mission "Where the Fissures Guide" 15
Brave Exploration Brave Exploration 0 Complete mission "Search the Crossing" 15
First Encounter First Encounter 0 Complete mission "The Guigu Ruins" 15
Adventure in the Arroyo Adventure in the Arroyo 0 Complete mission "Breach Blockade" 15
Missed Opportunity Missed Opportunity 0 Complete mission "Sword Searching" 15
The Comeback The Comeback 0 Complete mission "Escape" 15
To End It All To End It All 0 Complete mission "Final Showdown" 15
Dust Settled Dust Settled 0 Complete mission "Road Home" 110
Recruit Recruit 0 Win the first fight 15
Enemy Slain Enemy Slain 0 Execute an enemy 15
Scroll to Win Scroll to Win 0 Utilize the Elysium Rift 15
Blood For Blood Blood For Blood 0 Defeat 100 Lijun enemies 30
Slayer of Monsters Slayer of Monsters 0 Defeat 100 Blackflame monsters 30
Power From Discipline Power From Discipline 0 Raise all characters to level 50 30
The Enlightened The Enlightened 0 Learn all martial arts 110
We Were Here We Were Here 0 Use guard stone for the first time 15
A Rest Well Deserved A Rest Well Deserved 0 Use campfire for the first time 15
Dropped Hard Dropped Hard 0 Fall to your death 15
Buy Low Sell High Buy Low Sell High 0 Trade item for the first time 15
Catcha Catcha 0 Imprison monster for the first time 15
Alchemist Alchemist 0 Fuse successful for the first time 15
Unexpected Surprise Unexpected Surprise 0 Fuse failed for the first time 15
Something in the Scroll Something in the Scroll 0 Upgrade a building in Elysium for the first time 15
Power Up Power Up 0 Upgrade equipment for the first time 15
Ultimate Weapon Ultimate Weapon 0 Completely upgrade an weapon 30
Secret Base Secret Base 0 Completely upgrade all Elysium buildings 30
Good Company Good Company 0 Complete Character Log 30
Without Discrimination Without Discrimination 0 Complete Monster Log 30
Rare Findings Rare Findings 0 Complete Item Log 30
Thousand Miles Thousand Miles 0 Complete Location Log 30
Seen It All Seen It All 0 Complete Journal Log 30
Hit the Board Running Hit the Board Running 0 Win a game of Zhuolu chess for the first time 15
Super Best Friends Super Best Friends 0 Enter the DOMO studio 30