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Ravenlok Achievements

Full list of Ravenlok achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Ravenlok has 50 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Once Upon a Time Once Upon a Time 0 Name your Character 5
Waff! Waff! 0 Pet your dog! 5
Vibing Vibing 0 Dance for the first time 5
A Prophecy A Prophecy 0 Speak with Finn in the Stone Garden 5
Well Rested Well Rested 0 Sleep in the Witch's bed 5
Going Home Going Home 0 Complete the game 100
Fun Guy Fun Guy 0 Defeat the Weeping Fungi 10
Tragic Brave Tragic Brave 0 Defeat Buvador the Bison 10
Curtain Call Curtain Call 0 Defeat the Tweedle Twins 10
Piece of Cake Piece of Cake 0 Defeat Ugsak the Glutton 10
Nightmare Fuel Nightmare Fuel 0 Defeat Thorlaron the Hydra 10
Spellbound Spellbound 0 Defeat Shani the Sorceress 20
Extinct Again! Extinct Again! 0 Defeat the Woodlock Dodo 20
Bird of Prey Bird of Prey 0 Defeat Eagleblade Prime 20
Pull the Plug Pull the Plug 0 Defeat Flora Esmerelda 30
Soul Slayer Soul Slayer 0 Defeat Yoth the Slayer 30
The Downfall The Downfall 0 Defeat Dreda the Caterpillar Queen 40
Surprise! Surprise! 0 Defeat the Harlequin ambush in the Mask Mansion 10
A Grand Visit A Grand Visit 0 Meet the Queen in the Mushroom Forest 10
Stardust Stardust 0 Activate the Planetarium in the Clock Tower 20
Take Heart Take Heart 0 Get the first heart relic 30
Heartbreaker Heartbreaker 0 Get the second heart relic 30
All Heart All Heart 0 Get the third heart relic 30
Kidnapped! Kidnapped! 0 Witness the Queen's abduction 10
Trick Question! Trick Question! 0 Solve the Animal Puzzles in High Garden 20
Ancient Wisdom Ancient Wisdom 0 Solve the Runestone Puzzle in the Labyrinth 20
Frog Facts! Frog Facts! 0 Complete Bob the Frog's quiz 10
Sword, Shield, Fight! Sword, Shield, Fight! 0 Complete Combat Training 10
All That Glistens All That Glistens 0 Defeat Helios the Golden 20
Gooey Delight! Gooey Delight! 0 Open the slimy chest! 10
Little Shop Little Shop 0 Open the Hedgehog's shop 10
The Guardian The Guardian 0 Speak with Alina the Crane at the Labyrinth entrance 10
Awakened Spirits Awakened Spirits 0 Complete the 'Awaken the Spirits' quest 10
Glimmer of Hope Glimmer of Hope 0 Complete the 'Shining Emblem' quest 20
Teacups for Toppy Teacups for Toppy 0 Complete the 'Tea Sets' quest 10
Dance Master Dance Master 0 Collect all 18 Figurines 50
Stronger! Stronger! 0 Level up to level 10 20
Max Level! Max Level! 0 Level up to level 20 50
All Skilled Up! All Skilled Up! 0 Unlock 4 combat Skills 10
Mirror, Mirror Mirror, Mirror 0 Unlock all Mirrors 30
Bombs Away! Bombs Away! 0 Buy 20 bombs 50
Shopping Spree! Shopping Spree! 0 Buy 30 potions 50
An Actor! An Actor! 0 Wear the Masquerade Mask 10
It's Pointy! It's Pointy! 0 Wear the Witch's Hat 10
Extraordinary! Extraordinary! 0 Wear the Top Hat 10
Flower Power Flower Power 0 Wear the Flower Crown 10
Crowned Crowned 0 Wear the Queen's Crown 50
Into the Barn Into the Barn 0 Enter the Old Barn 5
Final Showdown Final Showdown 0 Enter the Queen's Chamber 10
Spot of Tea? Spot of Tea? 0 Attend the final tea party 10