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Shred! Remastered Achievements

Full list of Shred! Remastered achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Shred! Remastered has 21 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Big Air Bronze Big Air Bronze 0 Stay in the air for 3 seconds 15
Big Air Silver Big Air Silver 0 Stay in the air for 4 seconds 35
Big Air Gold Big Air Gold 0 Stay in the air for 5 seconds 50
Daves Easter Egg Daves Easter Egg 0 You found Dave's Easter Egg! 50
Wizards Sleeve Gap Wizards Sleeve Gap 0 Clear the rocky outcrop in Wizards Sleeve 50
Getting Tricky Score Getting Tricky Score 0 Score 10,000 on Getting Tricky 50
Hard Enduro Gap Hard Enduro Gap 0 Gap over the rock drop in Hard Enduro 50
Lake District DH Time Lake District DH Time 0 Beat the developer - 1:01.5 50
Fort Bill Time Fort Bill Time 0 Beat the developer - 1:40 50
Hard Lane Time Hard Lane Time 0 You got 1st place at the Hard Lane event 50
Powerline Gap Powerline Gap 0 Gap the platform in Powerline 50
First Tweak First Tweak 0 You Tweaked a Trick Yo! 50
Highscore Bronze Highscore Bronze 0 Score over 15,000 50
Highscore Silver Highscore Silver 0 Score over 20,000 50
Highscore Gold Highscore Gold 0 Score over 30,000 50
Shred All Star Shred All Star 0 Get every star! 50
BC Bikepark Complete BC Bikepark Complete 0 Complete all BC Bikepark challenges 50
BC Backcountry Complete BC Backcountry Complete 0 Complete all BC Backcountry challenges 50
Proving Ground Complete Proving Ground Complete 0 Complete all Proving Ground challenges 50
UK Downhill Complete UK Downhill Complete 0 Complete all UK Downhill challenges 50
UK Freeride Complete UK Freeride Complete 0 Complete all UK Freeride challenges 50