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Monster Trampoline Achievements

Full list of Monster Trampoline achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Monster Trampoline has 12 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Studious Studious 0 Completed the tutorial 50
High Score High Score 0 Got a score of 50 or more in a single regular game 50
To the Moon To the Moon 0 Sent a monster flying further than 100m from the arena 100
The Master The Master 0 Won a game against 3 computer players on regular difficulty 100
Strategist Strategist 0 Used a Singularity monster to draw another monster into an explosive 100
Mass Evacuation Mass Evacuation 0 Got 10 or more points from monsters in a single turn 100
King of the Hill King of the Hill 0 Won a game against 3 computers on Oni mode 150
This Is the Turn That Doesn't End This Is the Turn That Doesn't End 0 Captured a blue monster 3 times in a row for 3 extra turns 150

Secret Achievements

Hunter Becomes the Hunted Hunter Becomes the Hunted 0 Hit a shark in the Pirate Cove level 50
First Contact First Contact 0 Hit the UFO with a monster in the Space level 50
Party's Over Party's Over 0 Hit the sling chairs or parasol on the beach in the Oasis level 50
GOLD! GOLD! 0 Hit a chest at the bottom of the sea in the Pirate Cove level 50