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Noel the Mortal Fate Achievements

Full list of Noel the Mortal Fate achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Noel the Mortal Fate has 38 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Noel the Mortal Fate Noel the Mortal Fate 0 Completed Season 1. 30
The End of Yearning The End of Yearning 0 Completed Season 2. 30
The Worst Contractors The Worst Contractors 0 Completed Season 3. 30
The Torn Apart Avengers The Torn Apart Avengers 0 Completed Season 4. 30
Beginning of the Counterattack Beginning of the Counterattack 0 Completed Season 5. 30
The End of the Road The End of the Road 0 Completed Season 6. 30
Suffering the Consequences Suffering the Consequences 0 Completed Season 7. 90
An Avenger's Day Off An Avenger's Day Off 0 Completed the entirety of Season 3.5. 30

Secret Achievements

The Truth The Truth 0 Cleared the Mayor's Residence. 15
The Hostage The Hostage 0 Cleared the city of Lhaplus. 15
Suppressed the explosion Suppressed the explosion 0 Cleared the Dressel Steel Mill. 15
Mortal Revenger Mortal Revenger 0 Collected all P in Season 1. 30
The Two Avengers The Two Avengers 0 Cleared the Undersea Labyrinth. 15
Mastery of Fiction Mastery of Fiction 0 Cleared the Aquarius Offices. 15
Blind Devotion Blind Devotion 0 Collected all P in Season 2. 30
Turn Regret into Ashes Turn Regret into Ashes 0 Cleared The Old Hideout. 15
Check Check 0 Cleared the Old Assembly Hall. 15
Bury the Past Bury the Past 0 Collected all P in Season 3. 30
Breaking Through the Siege Breaking Through the Siege 0 Cleared the Slum Apartment. 15
Escape! Escape! 0 Cleared the Subway Construction Site. 15
Taking Control of Justice Taking Control of Justice 0 Cleared the Cargo Train. 15
Falling Flight Falling Flight 0 Collected all P in Season 4. 30
Arresting Criminal Scum Arresting Criminal Scum 0 Cleared the Second Prison of Lhaplus. 15
Falling into Heaven Falling into Heaven 0 Cleared Rock Prison. 15
Revolt in the Fire Revolt in the Fire 0 Collected all P in Season 5. 30
To the VIP Room To the VIP Room 0 Sent Noel to the VIP Room. 15
Mastery of Fate Mastery of Fate 0 Cleared Casino Misty. 15
Million Gamble Million Gamble 0 Collected all P in Season 6. 30
Extravagant Spree Extravagant Spree 0 Purchased all of the music in Casino Misty. 90
Regroup Regroup 0 Cleared Scrap Iron Street. 15
That Fateful Day That Fateful Day 0 Arrived at the day of the commemoration ceremony. 15
Paranoia Dispersed Paranoia Dispersed 0 Rescued Jillian. 15
End of the Paranoid End of the Paranoid 0 Collected all P in Season 7. 30
My First Part-Time Job My First Part-Time Job 0 Worked at Gremlin's Shop. 15
Back Alley Runner Back Alley Runner 0 Completed the Back Alley Trial. 15
Regulars in the Dining District Regulars in the Dining District 0 Ate every item on the menu in the Dining District. 15
Cat's Best Friend Cat's Best Friend 0 Played with all the cats at the cat cafe. 15
A Small Repayment A Small Repayment 0 Completed the Main Story of Season 3.5. 85