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BLACKTAIL Achievements

Full list of BLACKTAIL achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

BLACKTAIL has 32 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Extensive retelling Extensive retelling 0 Finish all the side quests 100
Witch's cookbook Witch's cookbook 0 Learn all the skill recipes 20
Both sides Both sides 0 Put all the Lost and Found on the shelf 30
Mushrooming enthusiast Mushrooming enthusiast 0 Defeat every fightable mushroom 30
Spirit animal Spirit animal 0 Brew every skill of a single Hex type 35
Specialist Specialist 0 Earn either the Ornithologist or the Beekeeper title 35
Queen Queen 0 Earn the Queen title 35
Favorite Favorite 0 Earn the Favorite title 30
Loremaster Loremaster 0 Find every Totem 30
Devoted Devoted 0 Be either as good or as evil as possible 30
Forbidden techniques Forbidden techniques 0 Brew every Special Shot 10
Fishing fanatic Fishing fanatic 0 Fish out a few fish 10
The word around is... The word around is... 0 Hear a great lot of bobok gossip 10
Liar Liar Liar Liar 0 Trick the bees 10
Bad apple Bad apple 0 Poison the hedgehog 10
Sneak peek Sneak peek 0 Discover quite a few rose secrets 10
Uprooting Uprooting 0 Smash many Root-infested vessels 10
Tooth fairy Tooth fairy 0 Collect 20 Teeth 10
Dental maturity Dental maturity 0 Collect 32 Teeth 10

Secret Achievements

Baba Yaga Baba Yaga 0 Complete the game 100
A friend in need… A friend in need… 0 Befriend either Ant Queen or Mr. Larva 100
Awards unwarded Awards unwarded 0 Open every Warden chest 100
Always worth a try Always worth a try 0 Kiss all the toads 30
Gnowlledgeable Gnowlledgeable 0 Learn all the Gnowlledge 30
Apex predator Apex predator 0 Free all the rats 30
Entangled Entangled 0 See all the spider logs 35
Gold rush Gold rush 0 Hunt down a Golden Imp 35
The cycle acknowledged The cycle acknowledged 0 Find the Mushroom Sanctuary 35
Toxic Toxic 0 Turn a blue Vodnik green 10
Slavic squatter Slavic squatter 0 Squat many times 10
Devil's in the details Devil's in the details 0 Accept Boruta's deal 10
Goal! Goal! 0 Kick a shroomy back into its lair. 10