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God of Rock Achievements

Full list of God of Rock achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

God of Rock has 29 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Hush Hush 0 During overtime, score 40 flawless notes in a row in an online match 100
Stairway to Heaven Stairway to Heaven 0 Win over 100 online matches 100
Into the Void Into the Void 0 Reach over 200 Combo Streak 100
I'll be bach I'll be bach 0 Deal over 50 damage in less than 8 seconds as Johann in an online match 80
Ordo Virtutum Ordo Virtutum 0 Recover 30HP in an online match as Hilde 80
Blitzkrieg Bop Blitzkrieg Bop 0 Play over 50 quickplay matches 30
Ace of Spades Ace of Spades 0 Score a total of 1000 perfect or flawless 30
Up Above My Head Up Above My Head 0 Have your opponents fall for Rosetta's trap notes a total of 50 times 30
Satisfaction Satisfaction 0 Play through every song 30
Don't stop me now Don't stop me now 0 Have Champ's meter fully charged for at least 5 seconds 30
Respect Respect 0 Have 20 active bubbles during Queen's Ultra 30
Seeing Starmen Seeing Starmen 0 Leave your opponent dizzy for at least 8 seconds as Ziggy 30
Skate punk Skate punk 0 During Ollie's Trick Combo reach at least a 5x combo streak 30
Fortunate Son Fortunate Son 0 Execute a Reversal on your opponent's Reversal 30
Shoot to Thrill Shoot to Thrill 0 Reach 80 Combo Streak 30
I Fought the Law I Fought the Law 0 Win a match against a 'God of Rock' tier AI 30
I Get Around I Get Around 0 Perform a total of 50 Reversals 30
Another Brick in the Wall Another Brick in the Wall 0 Complete all tutorials 15
Piece of My Heart Piece of My Heart 0 Create a custom beatmap 15
How Can I Refuse? How Can I Refuse? 0 Play an online match with a custom beatmap 15
Wake Up Wake Up 0 Win a match against any AI tier 15
In Bloom In Bloom 0 Play 25 matches in Quickplay 15
It's now or never It's now or never 0 Use the full extent of King's Light of Grace at least 3 times in a match 15
Finding My Way Finding My Way 0 Win a match with every character 15
Don't Think Twice Don't Think Twice 0 Use and alternate between Kosaku's Fire and Ice attacks 2 times in a row 15
Roses Don't Talk Roses Don't Talk 0 Only use the charged version of Tophat's special moves during a match 15
Born to be Wild Born to be Wild 0 Reach 40 Combo Streak 15
One Way or Another One Way or Another 0 Execute a Reversal during a match 15
Stop Your Sobbing Stop Your Sobbing 0 Win an online match 15