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Plunder Panic Achievements

Full list of Plunder Panic achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Plunder Panic has 22 achievements worth 1040 gamerscore

Seasoned Pirate Seasoned Pirate 0 Completed all chapters of the Singleplayer Campaign 40
Getting Yer Sea Legs Getting Yer Sea Legs 0 Killed an Enemy in Any Match Type 40
Glory to Ye Glory to Ye 0 Made the Winning Action 40
Seaworthy Seaworthy 0 Completed the Tutorial 40
Row Row Row Yer Boat Row Row Row Yer Boat 0 Won via Rowboat 3 Times 40
It's Booty-ful It's Booty-ful 0 Won via Plunder 3 Times 40
Fire in the Hole Fire in the Hole 0 Won via Cannon 3 Times 40
I'm the Captain Now I'm the Captain Now 0 Won via Captain 3 Times 40
Taste of Victory Taste of Victory 0 Got 1 of Each Victory Type 40
Victory on All Fronts Victory on All Fronts 0 Won a Conquest Match 40
Naval Superiority Naval Superiority 0 Won a Best Of Match 40
Dreaded Pirate Dreaded Pirate 0 Got 100 Kills 50
Off My Ship! Off My Ship! 0 Swatted Away by Swabby 20 Times 40
Oh Captain My Captain Oh Captain My Captain 0 Won as Captain 10 Times 50
Team Player Team Player 0 Won as Crewmate 10 Times 50
Met Davey Jones Met Davey Jones 0 Got Killed by a Kraken 5 Times 40
Fashion Icon Fashion Icon 0 Equipped a Captain's Hat 10 Times 40
Pirates vs. Robots Pirates vs. Robots 0 Defeated an Enemy Crew of 6 AI 40
A Pirate's Life for Me A Pirate's Life for Me 0 Played 50 Matches of Any Type 70
Dead Men Tell No Tales Dead Men Tell No Tales 0 Won a Best Of Series Undefeated (5 or Greater) 75
Sink Those Scurvy Dogs Sink Those Scurvy Dogs 0 Won a Conquest Series Undefeated (Best of 3 or Greater) 75
Scourge of the 7 Seas Scourge of the 7 Seas 0 Obtained Bounty of 25,000 Gold 70