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Paradise Marsh Achievements

Full list of Paradise Marsh achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Paradise Marsh has 20 achievements worth 1500 gamerscore

Romantic Romantic 0 They love you! 40
All-Star Player All-Star Player 0 Score! 60
Holiday Spirit Holiday Spirit 0 Uuuhh it's.. Very unique 60
Touch Fuzzy Get Dizzy Touch Fuzzy Get Dizzy 0 All mushrooms are edible but some only once 40
Chronicler Chronicler 0 Found all lost messages! 80
Wanderer Wanderer 0 Time to get some new shoes 80
Entomologist Entomologist 0 What a lovely collection! 60
Frog Leaps Frog Leaps 0 Impressive acrobatic feat! 70
Chatty Chatty 0 Blah blah blah. Can I get my reward already? 100
Poetry Enthusiast Poetry Enthusiast 0 The echoes of their song will stick with you 60
One Man Band One Man Band 0 Disasterpeace is proud of you! 80

Secret Achievements

The End The End 0 A new constellation is born 120
Long Distance Call Long Distance Call 0 I hope my little game brought you some joy 150

Paradise Marsh - Lost Souls

There are 7 achievements with a total of 500 points.

Stunning Technique Stunning Technique 0 Well, can't argue with results 50
Sweet Tooth Sweet Tooth 0 It was all worth it 40
Fire Safety Fire Safety 0 Protector of the wilderness! 60
Shutterbug Shutterbug 0 That's one for the scrapbook! 50
Art Of the Rod Art Of the Rod 0 You're a real Master Baiter! 100
Signal Received Signal Received 0 When words fail, music speaks 80

Secret Achievements

Unshackled Unshackled 0 They've finally found some peace. 120