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PGA Tour 2K23 Achievements

Full list of PGA Tour 2K23 achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

PGA Tour 2K23 has 29 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Fancy Seeing You Here Fancy Seeing You Here 0 Finish a round in Matchmaking while playing as a pro. 15
Home Course Advantage Home Course Advantage 0 Win a MyCAREER event after changing its course. 15
The Perfect Fit The Perfect Fit 0 Equip a fitting. 15
Golf Ballin' Golf Ballin' 0 Finish an 18 hole round with a legendary golf ball. 15
Any Course, Any Time Any Course, Any Time 0 Playing as Tiger Woods, score Par or better in an 18 hole round on any course. 15
Scratch Golfer Scratch Golfer 0 Earn a Handicap Index of Scratch (zero) or better. 15
Ferret Ferret 0 Hole the ball from off the green. 15
Golden Ferret Golden Ferret 0 Hole the ball from a bunker. 15
Kind of a Big Deal Kind of a Big Deal 0 Reach maximum reputation with any sponsor in MyCAREER. 15
Now That's Value Now That's Value 0 Trade in or Trade up any fitting. 15
GIR Collector GIR Collector 0 Hit all greens in regulation in an 18 hole round on any 18 hole course. 15
FIR Collector FIR Collector 0 Hit all fairways in regulation in an 18 hole round on any 18 hole course. 15
Learned Golfer Learned Golfer 0 Complete every Training Lesson. 15
It Just Clicked It Just Clicked 0 Finish an 18 hole round using 3-Click Swing. 15
Close One Close One 0 Win a MyCAREER playoff. 15
Heat Check Heat Check 0 Play off of only your shot for an entire hole during a Scramble match. 15
The Stuff of Legend The Stuff of Legend 0 Have three legendary fittings on one club. 30
All Skilled Up All Skilled Up 0 Unlock a tier seven skill. 30
Peak Performance Peak Performance 0 Activate five different skills in a single 18 hole round. 30
THE PLAYERS Champion THE PLAYERS Champion 0 Win THE PLAYERS Championship. 75
Brand Loyalty Brand Loyalty 0 Max out your progression with any sponsor in MyCAREER. 30
Earn Your Stripes Earn Your Stripes 0 Win the rivalry against Tiger Woods. 75
Express Delivery Express Delivery 0 Win the FedExCup. 100
Blue Blooded Blue Blooded 0 Win The Royal Championship. 75
A Legendary Performance A Legendary Performance 0 Win The Legends Championship. 75
Regent In The North Regent In The North 0 Win the Northwest Open. 75
This Is Major This Is Major 0 Win The Golf Club Championship. 75
Ace Ace 0 Score a hole-in-one. 75

Secret Achievements

Think Happy Thoughts Think Happy Thoughts 0 Putt the ball from within 2 feet of the cup; end up short within 6 inches. 15